SCAR Map Catalogue

Map Series

Lists of popular maps with a drilldown to the associated maps.

Included are:

  • region specific series such as 'Windmill Islands / Casey Station'
  • map type series such as 'Satellite image maps'
  • scale specific series such as the '1: 1 000 000 topographic maps'
  • historical map series such as the 'Capt. J.K. Davis Collection'

Windmill Islands / Casey

Core list of A3 and A4 maps

Extended map list

Vestfold Hills / Davis

Core list of A3 and A4 maps

Extended map list

Framnes Mountains / Holme Bay / Mawson

Core list of A3 and A4 maps

Extended map list

Macquarie Island

Core list of A3 and A4 maps

Extended map list

Obtaining hard copy maps or charts

Contact the Australian Antarctic Data Centre for copies of maps published by National Mapping, the Australian Surveying and Land Information Group or the Australian Antarctic Division.

The Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) website has information about obtaining nautical charts produced by the AHS, including chart distributers.

Refer to the Land Information New Zealand website for information about obtaining maps published by New Zealand.

Maps for sale published by the British Antarctic Survey can be purchased from Stanfords.

Maps of Antarctica published by the U.S. Geological Survey are available at the USGS Store and may also be available at East View Geospatial.

The Norwegian Polar Institute is the main authority in charge of the topographic mapping of the Norwegian territorial claims in the Antarctic and has maps available for purchase.

Russian maps of Antarctica may be available at East View Geospatial.

The Australian Antarctic Data Centre has no information about obtaining hard copy maps or charts not mentioned above.

A list of all publishing authorities by country used throughout the SCAR Map Catalogue

Instructions for creating and validating a file for uploading into the SCAR Map Catalogue

  1. Get login details by emailing

  2. Login here (don't use the login button at the top of this page) and click the button "Download Template" and a ZIP file will download. The ZIP file contains two files: a template in CSV format and a readme text file. Each row below the column headings in the template is for the details of a new map to be loaded into the SCAR Map Catalogue. Note there is a limit of 250 maps that can be loaded at one time. (If any of the details being added to the map catalogue include diacritics, do not edit the CSV file in a spreadsheet.) The readme file has details about the requirements for data entry in each column of the template.

  3. When the map details have been added to the CSV file, check that the file will load correctly into the SCAR Map Catalogue by validating it here.
    1. Upload your CSV file by clicking on the blue button with 3 dots and navigating to the file.

    2. Click the red button "Validate maps".

    3. Read the information under the heading "Report". It will advise if your CSV file needs any corrections or whether it is ready to load.

    4. If your CSV file need correcting, make the necessary changes and repeat steps (a) to (c) until your file passes validation.

  4. Email your validated CSV file to

  5. You will receive an email when your CSV file has been loaded. Please check that your maps have been successfully loaded.

Recently Published Maps