Map 14023: Approaches to Commonwealth Bay

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Map Number 14023
Title Approaches to Commonwealth Bay
Edition 2
Previous edition [Previous edition : 1]
Scale 1 : 25 000
Publication date July 2011
Publisher Hydrographic Service, Department of the Navy, Wollongong (Australia)
Spatial coverage (142.3333° -66.8000°) , (142.7067° -66.8000°) , (142.7067° -67.0333°)
(142.3333° -67.0333°)
Projection Transverse Mercator
Physical size 110 x 70 cm
Notes Magnetic compasses are not to be relied upon in the area covered by this chart because of the proximity of the South magnetic pole. Mariners should refer to chart BA 5385 and the Admiralty Sailing Directions for further information.
Inset of Boat Harbour at Scale 1:5000.
Small corrections between editions.
Reference AUS 603, INT 9014
Keywords Commonwealth Bay , Cape Denison , Boat Harbour , Southern Ocean , Dumont D'urville Sea , Aus603 , Mackellar Islands , South Magnetic Pole , Aus 603 , Int 9014 , Chart , Nautical , Chart


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Additional Information

Horizontal datum WGS84
Vertical datum Lowest astronomical tide
Magnetic variation Not applicable - see note


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