Map 14047: A.A.E. [Australasian Antarctic Expedition] 1911-14
King George Land

Map details

Map Number 14047
Title A.A.E. [Australasian Antarctic Expedition] 1911-14
King George Land
Edition 1
Scale Not Entered
Publication date 1914
Publisher Australia
Spatial coverage (142.0000° -66.4167°) , (153.0000° -66.4167°) , (153.0000° -69.1667°)
(142.0000° -69.1667°)
Projection -
Physical size 27.5 x 39.5 cm
Notes Includes the sledge tracks of the Far-eastern party, Eastern coastal party and Southern party
Keywords King George V Land , Eastern Sledging Parties , Mertz Glacier , Ninnis Glacier , Adelie Land , King George V Land , Sledge Tracks , Far-Eastern Party , Eastern Coastal Party , Southern Party


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  1. Cape Denison / Commonwealth Bay

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