Map 5641: James Ross Island

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Map Number 5641
Title James Ross Island
Edition -
Scale 1 : 250 000
Publication date 1974
Publisher Directorate of Overseas Surveys (Publishing Authority now: British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge CB3 OET) (United Kingdom)
Spatial coverage ( -60.0000° -64.0000°) , ( -56.5000° -64.0000°) , ( -56.5000° -65.0000°)
( -60.0000° -65.0000°)
Projection Lambert Conformal Orthomorphic
Physical size 71 x 79 cm
Notes Topographic Maps. Supersedes DOS 610 (1:200000 series). Based on vertical and oblique air photography controlled by ground survey and supplemented by other field data. Relief is shown by contours, enhanced by hill shading. Printed in 6 colours.
Reference SQ 21-22/1
Keywords Sq 21-22/1 , James Ross Island , Topographic


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