Satellite image catalogue


The Satellite image catalogue holds the details about imagery and space imagery held in the Australian Antarctica Data Centre. It is important to note that not all imagery is available for use. See Access Constraints under the sensor information, available in your search results.

  • Under no circumstances must the satellite imagery be given to a third party.
  • The Data Centre and the company supplying the image must be acknowledged in all papers, posters or books where information sourced from the imagery is used. To see how imagery should be acknowledged, click on the sensor of the image that you are acknowledging.
  • On completion of your research the satellite imagery must be removed from any computer, CD-ROMs, DVDs or other materials where the imagery may be copied to and returned to the the Data Centre.
  • The use of the imagery must be restricted to the research that comes under the umbrella of Australian Antarctic Science (AAS) or the Australian Antarctic Division as the imagery is restricted to a single user license.

Also see the Data Centre's Conditions of Use page.


Use the search tab to find your image/s of interest.

Read the information stored for the sensor, in particular copyright and access constraints.

Note the image id number of the image/s you are interested in.

Log your request by selecting the "Support Tab" at the top right of this screen.

More Information

More information about the space photography used by the Australian Antarctic Program can be found in the About Space Photography document.

AVHRR imagery

For archived data back to June 1996, visit ACECRC (

Additional Landsat imagery

The AADC also has a full copy of the LIMA Landsat Image Mosaic Of Antarctica ( and all of the component Landsat scenes.