State of Environment

Indicator 83 - Quality of Potable Water at Australian Antarctic and Subantarctic Stations

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Responsible organisation

Australian Antarctic Division ( Australia )


No custodians.

Theme area

Human Settlements

Indicator type


Criteria the indicator satisfies

The following 8 out of 15 criteria

4. Provide an early warning of potential problems
5. Be capable of being monitored to provide statistically verifiable and reproducible data that shows trends over time and, preferably, apply to a broad range of environmental regions
6. Be scientifically credible
7. Be easy to understand
8. Be monitored with relative ease
9. Be cost-effective
10. Have relevance to policy and management needs
14. Where possible and appropriate, use existing commercial and managerial indicators

Date input

Daily measurements

Monitoring location

Any Named places

Geographic coverage


Temporal range of the available data, as described by the metadata record, is from 01-May-1995 .

21-May-1930 to 2-July-2021
Number of data points

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