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HMAS Wyatt Earp

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Wyatt Earp at Elizabeth St Pier, north side near where T42 Bar is today. Note Kingfisher aircraft onboard. Photographer was Mr Ford, an amateur ship photographer from New Town.
Ford, Mr


Voyage Leader

Commander Karl E Oom RAN

Voyage Objectives

Attempt coastal survey KG V Land


The aim of this expedition was to attempt a survey of the coast of Antarctica in George V Land to locate a site for a permanent station. Wyatt Earp was commissioned on 17 Nov 1947 whilst still on the slip in Port Adelaide undergoing an extensive refit to make it suitable for Antarctic service. It left Port Adelaide for Melbourne on 13 Dec 1947. In an endeavour to keep as far as possible to the schedule planned, open sea trials were reduced to a minimum and the vessel left for the Antarctic from Hobart on 26 Dec 1947. At position 51 54'S, 140 31'E mecahnical problems forced the ship to return to Australia for repairs. The ship was dry docked at Williamstown dockyard for 20 days and eventually left Melbourne for Commonwealth Bay on 8 Feb 1948. Ice conditions prevented the Antarctic coast being reached.

Voyage Reports

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Adelaide, South Australia  13-Dec-1947  Melbourne  17-Dec-1947 
Melbourne  19-Dec-1947  Hobart  22-Dec-1947 
Hobart  25-Dec-1947  Hobart  25-Dec-1947 
Hobart  26-Dec-1947  Melbourne  7-Jan-1948 
Melbourne  8-Feb-1948  Macquarie Island  20-Mar-1948 
Macquarie Island  24-Mar-1948  Melbourne  1-Apr-1948 

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