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Profiles for Campaign 1993/94 - Adelie penguins from Davis, Vestfold Hills (Campaign details | profiles)

    Investigator:- ?

    Purpose:- ?

    Span:- From 1-Sep-1993 to 1-Mar-1994

    Metadata Tracking_Mag - Satellite Tracking of Adelie Penguins Around Davis Station, Antarctica

    Data types: Argos PTT.
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Profile: 34
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guard davis

Argos PTT
1398 Species: Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron and Jacquinot,1841) (Adelie Penguin) Profile



Breeding stage: Guard
Date range: 12-Dec-1993 00:00 to 11-Jan-1994 00:00

Days deployed: 30.0

Velocity Filter: 20 km/hr

Minimum Quality: 1

Deployed from: Magnetic Island

Processed on 12-Feb-2008 - 241 pts

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