Species Checklists

The following are checklists that cover Antarctic-wide purposes. For region specific lists, see the Bio-Regions list.

ChecklistDescriptionPurpose / CommentsLinks to additional data
Alien species Species that have been introduced to the Antarctic and/or sub-Antarctic ecosystem as a result of human activity (including species that arrived by natural means but are alien to that biogeographical zone) Data from Frenot, Y., Chown, S.L., Whinam, J., Selkirk, P., Convey, P., Skotnicki, M. & Bergstrom, D. (2005) Biological invasions in the Antarctic: extent, impacts and implications. Biological Reviews 80 pp. 45-72 see http://data.aad.gov.au/aadc/bib/display_bib.cfm?bib_id=41321 View 199 species
Antarctic Birds The definite list of Antarctic birds with status on breeding, vagrant or visitor to the region. This list from the SCAR Expert Group on Birds, May 2005. See http://www.birds.scar.org/. It does not include sub-Antarctic species unless they are visitors or vagrants. View 83 species
Antarctic Marine Protists Protists are microscopic algae and protozoa, formerly thought of as single-celled plants and animals. Planktonic protists constitute the base of marine food webs and play a key role in the exchange of carbon dioxode between the atmosphere and the ocean. This list is of protsists that live in the surface waters and sea-ice south of the Antarctic Polar Front. Species list derived from the book Antarctic Marine Prostists (2005) edited by Fiona J. Scott and Harvey J. Marchant. (ISBN 0 642 56835 9) View 563 species