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Diatoms from SAZ Sediment traps

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Leanne Armand, Steve Bray, Tom Trull and S Manganini
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The SAZ project organised by the Antarctic CRC has a continuing program of moored sinking particle trap studies in the Sub-Antarctic and Polar Frontal zones southwest of Tasmania along 140 °E. The first deployment obtained weekly or higher resolution samples through the austral summer from September 1997 through February 1998 at three locations: the central Sub-Antarctic Zone (47 °S, traps at 1000, 2000, and 3800m depth), the Sub-Antarctic Front (51 °S, 1 trap at 3300m ) and above the Southeast Indian Ridge in the Polar Frontal Zone (54 °S, 2 traps at 800 and 1500m). The particles were analysed for total mass, inorganic carbon, total carbon, nitrogen, silicon, and aluminium. Hence values for organic carbon, biogenic silica, and lithogenics were obtained, and the mass fluxes calculated. This report details the sites, moorings, data from the current meters and sediment traps, and results of analyses performed on the collected sediment trap material.
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Data collection complete
SAZ Project Morred Sediment Traps: Results of the 1997-1998 DEPLOYMENTS Antarctic CRC Research Report No. 15 ISBN: 1 875796 10 X (2000). Leanne Armand produced the appendix that this collection is based on.
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Resource Code: - saz_sed
Resource Name: - Diatoms from SAZ Sediment traps
Keywords: - sediment traps
Basis of Record: - Specimen

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Spatial Coverage
46° 45' 29.9" S to 53° 44' 53.9" S | -46.7583° to -53.7483°
141° 44' 10.7" E to 142° 05' 22.9" E | 141.7363° to 142.0897°
Date Range of Collection
4 to 20-Sep-1997
Data collected from the following voyage(s)
VoyageObservation countSearch
1997/98 V1 WANDER (details) 306 search
SAZOTS - Subantarctic Zone (SAZ) Project and Sediment Trap Moorings