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Royal penguin Eudyptes schlegeli census, Macquarie Island, 1984

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©Colin Lee Hong 2006
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Lee Hong, Colin

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GR Copson and DE Rounsvell
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The total number of Royal Penguins breeding on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island is estimated at 848,719 pairs based on two methods of estimation. The sizes and locations of all 57 colonies are given as a baseline for future changes in the species abundance. Current estimates of the sizes of two colonies are compared with historical estimates made by the Australian Antarctic Expedition in 1912-13. Note that the total estimate is included in the Inventory of Antarctic Seabirds dataset as a single record.
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Copson, G.R., Rounsevell, D.E. (1986) The abundance of royal penguins ( Eudyptes schlegeli , Finsch) breeding at Macquarie Island. ANARE Research Notes 41. 11 pp
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Resource Code: - royals_census_1984
Resource Name: - Royal penguin Eudyptes schlegeli census, Macquarie Island, 1984
Keywords: - census, breeding pairs
Basis of Record: - Observation

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Subantarctic Island - Macquarie Island

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Spatial Coverage
54° 29' 13.2" S to 54° 46' 37.2" S | -54.4870° to -54.7770°
158° 47' 06.0" E to 158° 56' 31.2" E | 158.7850° to 158.9420°
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AADC-00032 - Royal Penguins at Macquarie Island