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RMT Trawl catch from the 1990/91 V6 AAMBER2 voyage

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Graham Hosie
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Collected by RMT trawls during ANARE 1990/91 Voyage 6 AAMBER2 survey. 62 routine sampling sites were taken within the area 67 degrees to 78 degrees East, 65 degrees South to the Antarctic coastline, in a grid arrangement with approximately 30 nautical miles in latitude and longitude between sites. At each site the 0-200m water layer was sampled by a downward oblique haul with a rectangular midwater trawl RMT 1+8 net. Ten horizontal tows were also made with the RMT 1+8 to identify krill/zooplankton targets detected by the echosounders.
Taxa Groups
Fish, Krill, Zooplankton,

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Collection Status
Data collection complete
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Resource Code: - trawl_aamber2
Resource Name: - RMT Trawl catch from the 1990/91 V6 AAMBER2 voyage
Keywords: -
Basis of Record: - Specimen

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Spatial Coverage
64° 01' 20.3" S to 68° 59' 58.9" S | -64.0223° to -68.9997°
64° 06' 46.1" E to 84° 31' 42.6" E | 64.1128° to 84.5285°
Date Range of Collection
15-Jan to 11-Mar-1991
Data collected from the following voyage(s)
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1990/91 V6 AAMBER2 (details) 1486 search
AADC-00083 - Aurora Australis Voyage 6 (AAMBER2) 1990-91 Zooplankton Data