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Antarctic Plant Database

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Dr Pete Convey and Dr Helen Peat
Collection Acronym
Database of the BAS Herbarium - This database contains information on the herbarium specimens held in the herbarium of the British Antarctic Survey (international code AAS) as well as information about specimens collected in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic and held in other world herbaria. There are over 70 000 records, predominantly of mosses and lichens, but also of vascular plants, ferns, fungi and algae collected in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions as well as some from surrounding continents, particularly South America. The collection from South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands started in 1775 and from Antarctica in 1834. Documents relating to the Herbarium are kept in the BAS Archives (LS2/4). NOTE - this is a copy of the master BAS set and is in need of updating.
Taxa Groups
Insects, Lichens, Other invertebrates, Vascular plants,

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Collection Status
Data collection ongoing
Dr Helen Peat, BAS
Linked to the following Bioregions

Coastal Continental Antarctic - Central Dronning Maud Land
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Dumont d'Urville / Commonwealth Bay
Coastal Continental Antarctic - East Dronning Maud Land
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Eights Coast / Thurston Island
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Ellsworth Land
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Enderby Land / Syowa
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Gaussberg / Bunger Hills
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Mac Robertson Land Coast
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Marie Byrd Land
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Prydz Bay Oases
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Scott Island (A)
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Scott Island (B)
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Vestfold Hills
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Victoria Land North / Cape Hallet
Coastal Continental Antarctic - West Dronning Maud Land
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Windmill Islands
Continental Antarctic - Ellsworth Mountain
Continental Antarctic - Pensacola Mountains / Shackleton Range
Continental Antarctic - Prince Charles Mountains
Continental Antarctic - Southern Transantarctic Mountains (A)
Continental Antarctic - Southern Transantarctic Mountains (B)
Continental Antarctic - Victoria Land South / Dry Valleys
Maritime Antarctic - Alexander I
Maritime Antarctic - Balleny Islands
Maritime Antarctic - Eastern Peninsula
Maritime Antarctic - Mars Oasis
Maritime Antarctic - North East Peninsula
Maritime Antarctic - Northern Peninsula
Maritime Antarctic - Palmer
Maritime Antarctic - Rothera Point
Maritime Antarctic - Signy Island
Maritime Antarctic - South Shetland Islands
Maritime Antarctic - Southern Peninsula
Peri-Antarctic Island - Bouvetoya
Peri-Antarctic Island - Chatham Island
Peri-Antarctic Island - Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Peri-Antarctic Island - South Orkney Islands
Subantarctic Island - Auckland Island
Subantarctic Island - Campbell Island
Subantarctic Island - Crozet Islands / Possession Island
Subantarctic Island - Heard Island
Subantarctic Island - Kerguelen Islands
Subantarctic Island - Macquarie Island
Subantarctic Island - Marion Island
Subantarctic Island - Prince Edward Islands
Subantarctic Island - South Georgia (Islas Georgias del Sur)
Subantarctic Island - South Sandwich Islands (Islas Sandwich del Sur)
Subantarctic Island - The Snares

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Spatial Coverage
75° 09' 00.0" N to 86° 28' 48.0" S | 75.1500° to -86.4800°
174° 10' 12.0" W to 179° 55' 12.0" E | -174.1700° to 179.9200°
Date Range of Collection
17-Jan-1775 to 3-Feb-2005
ASAC_2569_751 - Conservation and population status of albatrosses and giant petrels on Macquarie Island