List of biodiversity data collections.

Restricted to Taxa group Insects

Included are those collections that are published via the DiGIR protocol to SCAR-MarBIN - SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network, OBIS - Ocean Biogeographic Information System and GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

The reference to SCAR-MarBIN is the count of records that fall within the spatial coverage of the SCAR-MarBIN portal. This was defined as the CCAMLR statistical reporting subareas (view map from SCAR Map Catalogue) but has now been extended to further north to include significant breeding sites such as Macquarie Island. See current region of interest map.

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Antarctic Plant Database

Database of the BAS Herbarium - This database contains information on the herbarium specimens held in the herbarium of the British Antarctic Survey (international code AAS) as well as information about specimens collected in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic and held in other world herbaria. There are over 70 000 records, predominantly of mosses and lichens, but also of vascular plants, ferns, fungi and algae collected in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions as well as some from surrounding continents, particularly South America. The collection from South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands started in 1775 and from Antarctica in 1834. Documents relating to the Herbarium are kept in the BAS Archives (LS2/4). NOTE - this is a copy of the master BAS set and is in need of updating.

Taxa - Insects, Lichens, Other invertebrates, Vascular plants,

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial, Limnetic,

Dr Pete Convey and Dr Helen Peat

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Latitude: -86.5 to 75.2
Longitude: -174.2 to 179.9
Years: 1775 to 2005
Athropods, nematodes, rotifers, mites, tardigrades, fleas checklist

covers all sites and species groups

Taxa - Arthropods, Insects, Microbiota, Mites, Nematodes, Rotifers,

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial,

Dr John Gibson

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Taxa: 195
Records: 642
Latitude: -84.7 to -53.0
Longitude: -175.0 to 174.2
Years: 1959 to 2002
British Antarctic Survey invertebrate collection

Invertebrate specimen collection details for specimens in the British Antarctic Survey invertebrate collection.

Taxa - Insects, Other invertebrates,

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial,

Dr Helen Peat

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Taxa: 173
Records: 5,108
Latitude: -78.0 to -51.4
Longitude: -140.3 to 171.2
Years: 1960 to 2028
Invertebrates compiled by W.Block

Observations taken from literature cited by W.Block. Data includes 800 species, 220 references and 3000 observations. There are some marine species that are listed in SCAR-MarBIN Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS).

Taxa - Insects, Mites, Other invertebrates, Rotifers, Tardigrades,

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial,

DiGIR Resource name [block_invertebrates] Date activated - March 2008
Bill Block

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Taxa: 706
Records: 2,863
Latitude: -85.2 to 62.0
Longitude: -176.0 to 172.5
Years: to
Total records:    75,440
Records to SCAR-MarBIN:     0