List of biodiversity data collections.

Restricted to Habitat Domain Limnetic

Included are those collections that are published via the DiGIR protocol to SCAR-MarBIN - SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network, OBIS - Ocean Biogeographic Information System and GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

The reference to SCAR-MarBIN is the count of records that fall within the spatial coverage of the SCAR-MarBIN portal. This was defined as the CCAMLR statistical reporting subareas (view map from SCAR Map Catalogue) but has now been extended to further north to include significant breeding sites such as Macquarie Island. See current region of interest map.

Collection NameCustodianView Map and DataStatistics
A new freshwater oligochaete species (Clitellata: Enchytraeidae) from Livingston Island, Antarctica

A new enchchytraeid species Lumbricillus healyae is described from freshwater streams with well-oygenated and poorly mineralised waters, situated in Byers Peninsula, Livingston island.

Habitat Domain - Limnetic,

Pilar Rodriquiez and Eugenio Rico

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Taxa: 1
Records: 1
Latitude: -62.7 to -62.7
Longitude: -61.0 to -61.0
Years: 2002 to 2002
Antarctic Plant Database

Database of the BAS Herbarium - This database contains information on the herbarium specimens held in the herbarium of the British Antarctic Survey (international code AAS) as well as information about specimens collected in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic and held in other world herbaria. There are over 70 000 records, predominantly of mosses and lichens, but also of vascular plants, ferns, fungi and algae collected in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions as well as some from surrounding continents, particularly South America. The collection from South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands started in 1775 and from Antarctica in 1834. Documents relating to the Herbarium are kept in the BAS Archives (LS2/4). NOTE - this is a copy of the master BAS set and is in need of updating.

Taxa - Insects, Lichens, Other invertebrates, Vascular plants,

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial, Limnetic,

Dr Pete Convey and Dr Helen Peat

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Latitude: -86.5 to 75.2
Longitude: -174.2 to 179.9
Years: 1775 to 2005
Australian Collection of Antarctic Micro-organisms

ACAM was established in 1986 at the University of Tasmania as a collection for microorganisms from the Antarctic continent as well as from subantarctic islands and the Southern Ocean. ACAM was one of the few collections in the world dedicated to the collection of Antarctic bacteria and since its inception had grown to nearly 400 strains. Many of these strains have been isolated from lakes and marine waters in the Vestfold Hills region of Antarctica near Davis Station.

Taxa - Microbiota,

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial, Limnetic, Marine,

Carol Nichols

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Taxa: 29
Records: 212
SCAR-MarBIN: 203
Latitude: -77.5 to -54.5
Longitude: 71.6 to 165.0
Years: 1900 to 1996
Diatoms from the Vestfold Hills Lakes

Diatoms abundances from Vestfold Hills lakes. Samples taken in Nov/Dec 1992 and Nov/Dec 1994.

Taxa - Diatoms,

Habitat Domain - Limnetic,

DiGIR Resource name [diatoms] Date activated - August 2007
Donna Roberts and Andrew McMinn

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Taxa: 46
Records: 603
Latitude: -68.6 to -68.4
Longitude: 77.2 to 78.9
Years: 1992 to 1992
Electron Micrographs - Terrestrial and Limnetic

A catalogue of electron microscopy images mostly of biological origin and used in identifying new species of limnetic and terrestrial organisms.

Taxa - Diatoms, Lichens, Mosses,

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial, Limnetic,

DiGIR Resource name [em_eba] Date activated - May 2007
Gerry Nash

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Taxa: 57
Records: 341
Latitude: -72.3 to -54.6
Longitude: 59.4 to 170.3
Years: 1994 to 2000
Type Localities for organisms and fossils first described from Antarctica

This data set lists over 300 organisms (74 taxa are fossils) that were first described from locations either on the Antarctic continent, or on islands immediately to the north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Work was completed in early 2000 and does not contain any newer references.

Higher level taxonomy have been checked and completed against the Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera (IRMNG) ( Place name locations taken from the SCAR Composite Gazetteer (

Habitat Domain - Terrestrial, Limnetic, Marine,

DiGIR Resource name [type_localities] Date activated - April 2009
John Gibson

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Taxa: 310
Records: 312
SCAR-MarBIN: 302
Latitude: -85.0 to -54.5
Longitude: -176.3 to 174.0
Years: to
Total records:    68,296
Records to SCAR-MarBIN:     505