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Rotifers checklist

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Willem De Smet
Collection Acronym
A checklist of 160 species from 10-15 bioregions.
Taxa Groups
Micrognathozoa, Rotifers,
Collection Status
Data collection complete
Linked to the following Bioregions

Coastal Continental Antarctic - Bunger Hills / Haswell Islands
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Gaussberg / Bunger Hills
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Thala Hills / Syowa
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Victoria Land North / Cape Hallet
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Windmill Islands
Continental Antarctic - Dronning Maud Land
Maritime Antarctic - North East Peninsula
Maritime Antarctic - Northern Peninsula
Maritime Antarctic - South Shetland Islands
Maritime Antarctic - Southern Peninsula
Peri-Antarctic Island - South Orkney Islands
Subantarctic Island - Crozet Islands / Possession Island
Subantarctic Island - Heard Island
Subantarctic Island - Kerguelen Islands
Subantarctic Island - Macquarie Island
Subantarctic Island - South Georgia (Islas Georgias del Sur)

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There are 160 observations belonging to this collection. Search page to be constructed.
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Spatial Coverage
Unknown Latitude coverage
Unknown Longitude coverage
Date Range of Collection
APIS - APIS - Antarctic Pack Ice Seals 1994-1999, plus historical data from the 1980's