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Inventory of Antarctic seabird breeding sites

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©Kerry Steinberner 2004
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King Penguins
Steinberner, Kerry

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Dr Eric Woehler
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This dataset is a census of penguin and other bird species colony counts from 1900 in the Antarctic region.
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Birds, Penguins,

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Data collection ongoing
Compilations by the SCAR Bird Biology Sub-committee
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Resource Code: - iasb
Resource Name: - Inventory of Antarctic seabird breeding sites
Keywords: - colonies, census, nest sites, antarctic, subantarctic islands
Basis of Record: - Observation

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Linked to the following Bioregions

Coastal Continental Antarctic - Bunger Hills / Haswell Islands
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Eights Coast / Thurston Island
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Enderby Land / Syowa
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Rauer Islands
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Vestfold Hills
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Windmill Islands
Maritime Antarctic - Balleny Islands
Maritime Antarctic - Eastern Peninsula
Maritime Antarctic - King George Island
Maritime Antarctic - Northern Peninsula
Peri-Antarctic Island - South Orkney Islands
Subantarctic Island - Crozet Islands / Possession Island
Subantarctic Island - Heard Island
Subantarctic Island - Kerguelen Islands
Subantarctic Island - Macquarie Island
Subantarctic Island - Marion Island
Subantarctic Island - South Georgia (Islas Georgias del Sur)

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Spatial Coverage
76° 30' 00.0" N to 80° 43' 58.8" S | 76.5000° to -80.7330°
165° 25' 01.2" W to 179° 55' 01.2" E | -165.4170° to 179.9170°
Date Range of Collection
1-Jan-1900 to 1-Jan-2000
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