Antarctic Taxa

all Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 68° 30' 00.0" S Longitude 63° 00' 00.0" W )

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Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name Observations
Bacidia sp. Observations
Buellia cf. soredians Filson Observations
Carbonea cf. vorticosa Observations
Cystocoleus ebeneus (Dillwyn) Thwaites Observations
Encalypta procera Bruch. Observations
Lecanora physciella (Darb.) Hertel Observations
Lecanora sp. Observations
Massalongia intricata Ovst. Observations
Pagodroma nivea (Forster,1777) Snow Petrel Observations
Pohlia cruda (Hedw.) Lindb. Observations
Pseudephebe minuscula (Nyl. ex Arnold) Brodo & Hawksw. Observations
Sarconeurum glaciale (C. Müll.) Card. & Bryhn Observations
Stereocaulon vesuvianum Pers. Observations
Tortella fragilis (Drumm.) Limpr. Observations
Umbilicaria decussata (Vill.) Zahlbr. Observations
Usnea sphacelata R. Br. Observations
Xanthoria elegans (Link) Th. Fr. Observations
Zahlbrucknerella patagonica Henssen Observations

For additional taxa, see the Search Taxonomy page of Antarctic Biodiversity.