Antarctic Taxa

all Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 71° 23' 00.0" S Longitude 63° 22' 00.0" W )

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Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name Observations
Acarospora gwynnii Observations
Acarospora williamsii Observations
Bacidia sp. Observations
Buellia cf. subpedicellata Observations
Buellia coniops f. areolata (Wahlenb. ex Ach.) Th. Fr.; Vain. Observations
Buellia lignoides Filson Observations
Buellia sp. Observations
Caloplaca exsecuta (Nyl.) DT. Observations
Candelariella vitellina (Hoffm.) Müll. Arg. Observations
Carbonea vorticosa (Fl¿rke) Hertel Observations
Lecanora cf. orosthea Observations
Lecanora cf. physciella Observations
Lecanora physciella (Darb.) Hertel Observations
Lecanora sp. Observations
Lecidea cancriformis CW Dodge & GE Baker Observations
Lecidea cf. cancriformis C.W.Dodge & G.E.Baker Observations
Lecidea sp. Observations
Leproloma cacuminum (Massal.) Laundon Observations
Lichen sp. Observations
Lichina sp. Observations
Pannaria hookeri (Borr.ex Sm.) Nyl. Observations
Pleopsidium chlorophanum (Wahlenb.) Observations
Pseudephebe minuscula (Nyl. ex Arnold) Brodo & Hawksw. Observations
Psora sp. Observations
Rhizocarpon adarense (Darb.) M. Lamb Observations
Rhizocarpon geographicum (L.) DC. Observations
Rhizoplaca melanophthalma (DC.) Leuckert & Poelt Observations
Stereocaulon vesuvianum Pers. Observations
Tephromela disciformis Ovst. Observations
Umbilicaria cf. krascheninnikovii Observations
Umbilicaria decussata (Vill.) Zahlbr. Observations
Usnea sphacelata R. Br. Observations

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