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Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Ascomycota
Class Ascomycetes
Order Lecanorales
Family Teloschistaceae
Genus Caloplaca

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Caloplaca ammiospila (Ach.) Oliv.
Caloplaca approximata (Lynge) H. Magn.
Caloplaca austroshetlandica (Zahlbr.) Olech & Sochting
Caloplaca buelliae Olech & Socht.
Caloplaca cerina agg. (Ehrh. ex Hedwig) Th. Fr.
Caloplaca cerina var. stillicidiorum (Ehrh. ex Hedw.) Th.Fr.; Vahl
Caloplaca cf. anchon-phoniceon
Caloplaca cf. athallina
Caloplaca cf. aubertii
Caloplaca cf. cirrochrooides
Caloplaca cf. executa
Caloplaca cf. frigida
Caloplaca cf. holocarpa
Caloplaca cf. inordinata
Caloplaca cf. isidioclada
Caloplaca cf. johnstoni
Caloplaca cf. jungermanniae
Caloplaca cf. lewis-smithii
Caloplaca cf. lucens
Caloplaca cf. murorum
Caloplaca cf. muscigena
Caloplaca cf. nigrescens
Caloplaca cf. phaeocarpella
Caloplaca cf. psoromatis
Caloplaca cf. regalis
Caloplaca cf. sublobulata
Caloplaca cf. tenuis
Caloplaca cf. tiroliensis
Caloplaca cinericola (Hue) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca cinnamomea (Th. Fr.) Oliv.
Caloplaca conversa (Kremp.) Jatta s. lat.
Caloplaca coralligera (Hue) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca decipiens (Arnold) Blomb. & For
Caloplaca elegans (Link) Th. Fr.
Caloplaca exsecuta (Nyl.) DT.
Caloplaca ferruginea (Huds.) Th. Fr.
Caloplaca holocarpa (Hoffm.) Wade s.l.
Caloplaca inordinata (Hue) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca iomma Olech & Sochting
Caloplaca isidioclada Zahlbr.
Caloplaca joannae (Hue) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca johnstonii Dodge
Caloplaca jungermanniae (Wahl.) Th. Fr.
Caloplaca lewis-smithii Sochting & Ovst.
Caloplaca millegrana (Mull. Arg.) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca nigrescens Golubk. & Savicz
Caloplaca phaeocarpella (Nyl.) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca psoromatis Olech & Sochting
Caloplaca racovitzae Dodge
Caloplaca regalis (Vain.) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca schofieldi Dodge
Caloplaca siphonospora Olech & Sochting
Caloplaca sp./Xanthoria elegans
Caloplaca subobulata (Nyl.) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca tetraspora (Nyl.) Oliv.
Caloplaca tiroliensis Zahlbr.
Caloplaca xanthostigmoidea (Ras.) Zahlbr.