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Subglacial lake



Subglacial - Pertaining to the environment beneath a glacier. It refers to the processes by which a glacier moves across its floor in addition to the movements of meltwater at the base of the ice. Lake - An enclosed body of water, usually but not necessarily fresh water, from which the sea is excluded.


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Code Name Definition   Data type Values UoM Used by these Feature Types
1029 Certainty Undoubted fact Optional character(50)
label Definition
Approximate In the data capture process the feature was evident but its location was not entirely clear
Connector A line that is introduced for data completeness, e.g. a line used to close polygons, to represent missing data or data that is not visible.
Definite High level of confidence that the feature is correctly located.
Inferred In the data capture process the feature was not evident but the location of the feature was inferred
Interpolated The location of the feature was determined by interpolation
1042 Dataset_Id An unique identifier of the dataset the feature belongs to Mandatory number(4)     Types
1272 Gaz_Id Reference number as in national Gazetteer of Antarctica Optional number(10)     Types
1267 Name Name used to refer or label something. For example waypoints, buildings, and camps. Note: Name does not include SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica placenames. See the attribute SCAR_Name. Optional character(100)     Types
1150 Q_Info An unique identifier pointing to additional data quality information not included in the metadata record. Optional number(5)     Types
1215 Water_Type   Optional character(50)
label Definition