Feature Types

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Code Feature Type Definition
120 Beacon A structure emitting a guiding or warning signal for navigation
140 Camp A temporary residence, when away from the station.
147 Cliff boundary The boundary of the cliff.
149 Contaminated area Any site or region that is damaged, harmed or made unfit for use by the introduction of unwanted substances, particularly microorganisms, chemicals, toxic and radioactive materials and wastes.
113 Drainage Basin A region or area bounded by a drainage divide and occupied by a drainage system.
191 Fuel depot A storeplace for drums of fuel.
193 Gear Depot A place for storing goods or vehicles.
223 Island A land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water.
242 Mast An upright post or lattice-work structure for supporting radio antennas or similar features. Usually supported by guys. (Non directional beacons are stored under beacons)
267 Protected area An area of land and/or sea especially dedicated to the protection and maintenance of biological diversity and/or of natural and associated cultural resources. The area is managed through legal or other effective means.
269 Quarry An open or surface working or excavation for the extraction of building stone, ore, coal, gravel, or minerals.
274 Refuge A shelter from extreme or dangerous environmental conditions such as those posed by the weather.
599 Region An area of land, or division of the earth's surface, having definable boundaries or characteristics.
579 Subglacial lake Subglacial - Pertaining to the environment beneath a glacier. It refers to the processes by which a glacier moves across its floor in addition to the movements of meltwater at the base of the ice. Lake - An enclosed body of water, usually but not necessarily fresh water, from which the sea is excluded.
345 Water body An enclosed body of water, usually but not necessarily fresh water, from which the sea is excluded.