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Code Feature Type Definition
145 Claim An area claimed by a country as an external territory of that country.
147 Cliff boundary The boundary of the cliff.
153 Control point A location where the geographic coordinates have been measured.
154 Convention An area subject to an international convention; will generally be the CCAMLR (Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources).
184 Flying Bird Feathered vertebrate with two wings and two feet.
298 Ice shelf A floating ice sheet of considerable thickness attached to a coast. Ice shelves are usually of great horizontal extent and have a level or gently undulating surface. They are nourished by the accumulation of snow and often by seaward extension of land glaciers. Limited areas may be aground. The seaward edge is termed an ice front.
598 Ice shelf boundary The boundary of the ice shelf.
234 Mammal Any animal of the Mammalia, a large class of warmblooded vertebrates having mammary glands in the female, a thoracic diaphragm, and a four-chambered heart. The class includes the whales, carnivores, rodents, bats, primates, etc.
235 Management zone An area set aside for specific management purposes.
245 Moraine A mound, ridge, or other distinct accumulation of unsorted, unstratified glacial drift, predominantly till, deposited primarily by direct action of glacier ice, in a variety of topographic landforms that are independent of control by the surface on which the drift lies.
597 Ocean structure To include such features as fronts and currents. Attribute data defines these.
254 Penguin Sea-fowl of southern hemisphere with wings developed into scaly flippers with which it swims under the water.
279 Rock Any aggregate of minerals that makes up part of the earth's crust. It may be unconsolidated, such as sand, clay, or mud, or consolidated, such as granite, limestone, or coal.
309 Sounding A sub-marine point locality whose depth is measured and known.
310 Spot height Altitude of a point on the land surface
312 Station A place where there is permanent human habitation and infrastructure serving as a base for scientific research.