Map 15776: Mawson: Station Limits

Map details

Map Number 15776
Title Mawson: Station Limits
Edition 3
Previous edition [Previous edition : 2]
Scale 1 : 5500
Publication date October 2022
Publisher Australian Antarctic Division (Australia)
Spatial coverage No spatial coverage entered.
Projection Universal Transverse Mercator
Physical size 29.7 x 21 cm A4
Notes © Commonwealth of Australia 2022
The locations of snow petrel nest sites shown on this map are from a survey by Frederique Olivier as described by the metadata record 'A GIS dataset of Snow Petrel nests mapped in the Mawson region during the 2004-2005 season'.
Keywords Hump Island , Entrance Island , West Arm , Magnetic Quiet Zone , Radio Frequency Interference Area , Cosmic Ray Laboratory Materials Free Zone


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Horizontal datum WGS84
Vertical datum Mean sea level
Vertical unit Metres


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