Map 5120: Geology of Macquarie Island - North

Map details

Map Number 5120
Title Geology of Macquarie Island - North
Edition 1
Scale 1 : 25 000
Publication date 28 May 1998
Publisher Australian Antarctic Division (Australia)
The Australian Antarctic Foundation (Australia)
Mineral Resources Tasmania (Australia)
Spatial coverage (158.7366° -54.4806°) , (158.9691° -54.4806°) , (158.9691° -54.6376°)
(158.7366° -54.6376°)
Projection Universal Transverse Mercator
Physical size 88 x 68 cm
Notes The map includes a Judge and Clerk Islets inset.
Contact Mineral Resources Tasmania if you wish to obtain a hard copy of the map.
Keywords Geology


  1. Download the map from the Mineral Resources Tasmania website

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Horizontal datum WGS84


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