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Ship Details

Official Ship Name Tangaroa
Call sign ZMFR
Expedition capacity 44
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) 70 m
Breadth (overall) 13.8 m
Draft (overall) 7.2 m
Gross tonnage 2282 tonnes
Normal sea speed 12 knots
Ice Class DNV 1A1 (stern trawler/research vessel) + Ice 1C (light ice)

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Catalogue id
The Tangaroa alongside Aotea Wharf, Wellington, New Zealand after 6 week voyage in the Southern Ocean to study whale population/movements
Harris, Nisha

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1999/2000 V5.1   12-Feb-2000 to 23-Mar-2000   Peter Sullivan   Marine Geoscience  
2001/02 TA0102        
2004 SAGE   1-Mar-2004 to 30-Apr-2004     This dual tracer, iron enrichment experiment was conducted from NIWA┬┐s ocean-going research vessel, RV Tangaroa. Led by New Zealand SOLAS, but with major contributions from the US and many other countries, the cruise featured an impressive interdisciplinary array of scientists. They managed to make some rare measurements of gas transfer at very high wind speeds and witnessed an interesting biological response to the iron addition  
2005/06 TA1   30-Jan-2006 to 7-Mar-2006     Deployed CPR tows for the SO-CPR program.  
2007/08 TAN0802   31-Jan-2008 to 18-Mar-2008      
2009/10 VY1 AWE   1-Feb-2010 to 16-Mar-2010   Anthony Hull   Whale research in seaice area 150E to 150W  
2014/15 VNIWA   29-Jan-2015 to 12-Mar-2015     NIWA Whales Voyage - Whale acoustics and tagging