Transport details


Ship Details

Official Ship Name L'Astrolabe
Call sign FOTE
Expedition capacity 50
Crew capacity 12
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) 65 m
Breadth (overall) 12.8 m
Draft (overall) 4.8 m
Gross tonnage 1753 tonnes
Normal sea speed knots
Ice Class Ice class A-super

Cargo hold
Helicopter deck

Other comments Built in 1986, the L'Astrolabe is a multi-purpose vessel also used for oceanographic cruises and marine science. Has two main engines, two shafts, two variable pitch propellers. Each main engine 2,270 kW

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Catalogue id
Ledingham, Roderick B (Rod)

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1995/96 R2   7-Dec-1995 to 13-Dec-1995     MI / Davis Partial Resupply.  
1998/99 V3   17-Nov-1998 to 30-Nov-1998   Martin Betts   MI C/over, resupply & SAB  
2002/03 R0        
2002/03 R1       MI deployment and Marine Science  
2002/03 R2       Davis & Mawson Changeover  
2002/03 R4        
2003/04 R0   20-Oct-2003 to 12-Nov-2003     Durmont Durville resupply  
2003/04 R1   5-Dec-2003 to 2-Jan-2004     Mar Science, Casey changeover  
2003/04 R2=R3   4-Jan-2004 to 16-Feb-2004     Durmont Durville resupply  
2003/04 R3=R4   19-Feb-2004 to 9-Mar-2004     Durmont Durville resupply  
2004/05 R0       Hobart to Dumont Durville and return  
2004/05 R2       Continental changeover  
2004/05 R4       Continental resupply.  
2005/06 R0       L'Astrolabe  
2005/06 R4       Hobart to Dumont Durville and return  
2007/08 T1   15-Oct-2007 to 15-Nov-2007     SIPEX Marine Science  
2007/08 V5   25-Mar-2008 to 10-Apr-2008   Mr. Robb Clifton   MACQ IS RESUPPLY Personnel changeover & retrieval.  
2009/10 R0        
2009/10 R4        
2009/10 V6   20-May-2010 to 4-Jun-2010   Simon Langdon   deliver V5 cargo  
2013/14 V5   24-Mar-2014 to 7-Apr-2014   Ms Nicki Wicks   Macquarie Island resupply  
2013/14 VMI   22-Oct-2013 to 31-Oct-2013     Early insertion of priority summer personnel and essential cargo into Macquarie Island  
2014/15 VR0   22-Oct-2014 to 25-Nov-2014     French Antarctic Program - Dumont D'Urville via Macquarie Island  
2015/16 V4.1   26-Mar-2016 to 10-Apr-2016     Macquarie Island Resupply [cargo not delivered]  
2015/16 VR0   22-Oct-2015 to 23-Nov-2015     French Antarctic Program - Dumont D'Urville via Macquarie Island  
2016/17 VMI   22-Nov-2016 to 5-Dec-2016   Mr Don Hudspeth   Visit to Macquarie Island  
2016/17 VR0   22-Oct-2016 to 10-Nov-2016     French Antarctic Program - Dumont D'Urville via Macquarie Island  
2017/18 VR0   2-Nov-2017 to 17-Dec-2017     French Antarctic Program - Dumont D'Urville via Macquarie Island