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MV Norsel

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Official Ship Name MV Norsel
Call sign
Expedition capacity
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) m
Breadth (overall) m
Draft (overall) m
Gross tonnage 700 tonnes
Normal sea speed knots
Ice Class

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Norwegian sealing vessel Norsel.700 tons. Used for the NBSAE of 1949-52, The FIDS in 1954-55 and the French for there establishment season of 1955-56 on which this image here was taken.

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1950/51 NBSX       The Norwegian-British-Swedish Expedition (NBSX) of 1949-52 was the first in Antarctica involving an international team of scientists. Its base was located on the coast of Dronning Maud Land -- an area lying between the meridians of 20 W and 45 E which was territory annexed by Norway just before WWII.