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Ship Details

Official Ship Name Amderma
Call sign UIFV
Expedition capacity 24
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) 177.2 m
Breadth (overall) 24.5 m
Draft (overall) 15.2 m
Gross tonnage 23040 tonnes
Normal sea speed 15 knots
Ice Class KM * ULA [2] (ULA [2] at d < 9m)

Other comments Built 1983 the single-screw, double-deck motor ship with forecastle, long poop, after engine room and house, icebreaker bow and transom stern. see

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MV Amderma at Mawson. The MV Amderma was chartered from FESCO (Far Eastern Shipping Company) to complete Voyage 4. The Amderma will carry cargo and SAB fuel to Casey and Mawson, and cargo to Davis station. She will also carry between 22-25 personnel at different stages of the voyage, primarily support staff for the operations at each station. Year Built: 1983 Place Built: Finland, Turku, Shipyard Wartsila Loading Capacity: 18729.0 t Flag: Russia Call sign: UIFV Classification society: RS Service speed laden: 15/12 (2ME/1ME) kn Service speed ballast: 15.6/12.6 (2ME/1ME) kn Class: KM * ULA [2] (ULA [2] at d < 9m) UL [1] at d<=9.66m MV Amderma Particulars Length o.a.: 177.20 m Breadth: 24.50 m Depth: 15.20 m Overall height above base line: 51.50 m Draft summer load line: 11.34 m Deadweight: 23024.0 t Containers TEU: 576(8') 518(8.5') Containers FEU: 236(8') 212(8.5') Containers REF: 50 Register tonnage gross: 18627 Net: 8945 Further technical information on this vessel can be found at
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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
2008/09 V4   18-Jan-2009 to 10-Mar-2009   Micky Loedmann   Resupply Casey, davis and Mawson