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SY Aurora

Ship Details

Official Ship Name SY Aurora
Call sign
Expedition capacity
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) 50 m
Breadth (overall) 9.3 m
Draft (overall) 5.72 m
Gross tonnage 380 tonnes
Normal sea speed knots
Ice Class

Other comments Launched in 1876, its was powered by a Compound Steam Engine (98 bhp)

©Jonothan Davis Collection. 1913
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This photo was taken on November 18th or 19th 1913, just prior the departure of the ship on the 3rd voyage of the AAE to Commonwealth Bay, to collect Douglas Mawson after his epic sledge traverse. The code flag "P" (Blue Peter) is flying at top of foremast indicating that the ship is about to leave. She departed at 10:30am on November 19th. The Aurora was laid up in Hobart over the winter of 1913, where she under went a refit whilst John King Davis was in England, raising funds for the extra third voyage to recover Mawson. [see note page 70 TRIAL BY ICE: THE ANTARCTIC JOURNALS OF JOHN KING DAVIS] W J Little was a Hobart photographer and postcard publisher of 9 Liverpool Street Hobart. [Scanned from Glassplate negative held in Jonothan Davis Collection]
Little, W.J.

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1911/12 1st Antarctic Voyage AAE   2-Dec-1911 to 12-Mar-1912   John King Davis   Establish base at Commonwealth Bay and the Western party  
1912 1st sub-Antarctic voyage AAE   17-May-1912 to 17-Aug-1912   John King Davis    
1912 2rd sub-Antarctic voyage AAE   12-Nov-1912 to 14-Dec-1912   John King Davis    
1912/13 2rd Antarctic voyage AAE   26-Dec-1912 to 15-Mar-1913   John King Davis    
1913/14 3rd Antarctic voyage AAE   19-Nov-1913 to 26-Feb-1914   John King Davis   Retrieve Sir Douglas Mawson from Commonwealth Bay who was forced to winter in 1913.