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MS Explorer

Ship Details

Official Ship Name MS Explorer
Optionally, other names used MS Linblad Explorer, MS Society Explorer
Call sign ELJD8
Expedition capacity 100
Crew capacity 54
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) 72.88 m
Breadth (overall) 14.03 m
Draft (overall) 4.48 m
Gross tonnage 2398 tonnes
Normal sea speed 12.5 knots
Ice Class ICE-A Ice strengthened

Other comments Sunk after hitting ice near the South Shetland Islands on 24 November 2007. All crew and passengers rescued by another cruise vessel. There were no casualties.

©AAD, Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 1982
Catalogue id
Lindblad Explorer.
Mallis, Michael

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1981/82 T1   23-Dec-1981 to 4-Jan-1982     Tourist trip to Ross sea, Commonwealth bay and Macquarie Island and back to New Zealand. Ship was known as the Linblad Explorer at that time.