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Polar Bird

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Official Ship Name Polar Bird
Call sign
Expedition capacity
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) m
Breadth (overall) m
Draft (overall) m
Gross tonnage tonnes
Normal sea speed knots
Ice Class

Other comments Renamed from Icebird

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Catalogue id
Papps, Wayne

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1995/96 V3.1   4-Jan-1996 to 14-Jan-1996     MI Change-over, Resupply.  
1995/96 V5   18-Jan-1996 to 7-Mar-1996     M & C Resupply, D Part Resupply.  
1998/99 V2   10-Sep-1998 to 9-Nov-1998     M, D & C Summer In, Long Fly-off  
2000/01 V2   10-Oct-2000 to 20-Oct-2000   Rod Ledingham   Heard Island Summer Deployment  
2000/01 V3   6-Nov-2000 to 26-Dec-2000   Ian Allison   MI resupply, C summer in  
2000/01 V5   27-Dec-2000 to 12-Feb-2001   Ross Jamieson   Casey resupply & changeover  
2001/02 V4   11-Nov-2001 to 24-Jan-2002   Joe Johnson   Davis resupply  
2001/02 V6   28-Jan-2002 to 2-Mar-2002   Richard Mulligan   D & M Changeover, M Resupply  
2002/03 V3   17-Dec-2002 to 8-Jan-2003   Phil Gard, Luke Vanzino   Casey resupply & Changeover.  
2002/03 V5   12-Jan-2003 to 20-Feb-2003   Richard Mulligan, Jenny Whittaker   Mawson Resupply  
2002/03 V7   22-Feb-2003 to 14-Mar-2003   Martin Betts   Retrieve Casey summer personnel.