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Polar Queen

Ship Details

Official Ship Name Polar Queen
Call sign
Expedition capacity 53
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) m
Breadth (overall) m
Draft (overall) m
Gross tonnage tonnes
Normal sea speed knots
Ice Class

Cargo hold

Other comments Built in Norway in 1983. This vessel not to be confused with another Polar Queen built in 1995 and used by AAD in 1999.

©Potter, Sandra 1989
Catalogue id
Potter, Sandra

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1989/90 V2   21-Nov-1989 to 24-Nov-1989   Pud Taylor    
1989/90 V8   20-Feb-1990 to 11-Mar-1990   Mr. Ian Marchant    
1989/90 V9   13-Mar-1990 to 21-Mar-1990   Rod Ledingham