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MS Nella Dan

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Voyage 2
Law, Phillip Garth (Phil)


Voyage Leader

Donald Franklin Styles


The northern Prince Charles Mountains party was established by airlift from the ship to Mawson, and then to Moore Pyramid and the PCMs. Twenty-nine men and eight tons of equipment and stores were airlifted to Mawson and four men and some stores had been taken to Moore Pyramid. During the airlift an appendectomy was done on a Nella Dan crewman, as weather conditions had made it impossible to fly him ashore. Heard Island was visited to land stores for the Australian Party which was to traverse the Island from Atlas Cove in Feb. The McDonald Islands were visited but a landing was not made.

Voyage Reports

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Melbourne  12-Dec-1970  Mawson  28-Dec-1970 
Mawson  5-Jan-1971  Davis  7-Jan-1971 
Davis  13-Jan-1971  Mawson  15-Jan-1971 
Mawson  15-Jan-1971  Heard Island  19-Jan-1971 
Heard Island  20-Jan-1971  Fremantle  29-Jan-1971 

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