Transport details

MS Nella Dan

Ship Details

Official Ship Name MS Nella Dan
Call sign OZKC
Expedition capacity 42
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Bunker oil

Fuel capacity 736.2 tons
Length (overall) 75.5 m
Breadth (overall) 14.3 m
Draft (overall) 6.268 m
Gross tonnage tonnes
Normal sea speed 12.5 knots
Ice Class

Cargo hold
Helicopter deck

Other comments Built by the Aarlborg Shipyard Pty Ltd in 1961. At 5.42 pm on 24 December 1987, she was sunk in deep water off Macquarie Island after grounding on rocks in Buckles Bay.

©AAD, Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 1965
Catalogue id
Voyage 2
Law, Phillip Garth (Phil)

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1961/62 V3   4-Jan-1962 to 18-Mar-1962   Donald Franklin Styles    
1962/63 V3   9-Jan-1963 to 24-Mar-1963   Phillip Garth Law    
1962/63 V4   25-Mar-1963 to 5-Apr-1963   Francis Patrick McMahon    
1963/64 V1   11-Dec-1963 to 27-Dec-1963   Donald Franklin Styles    
1963/64 V2   3-Jan-1964 to 31-Jan-1964   Walter Leonard Jones    
1963/64 V3   4-Feb-1964 to 18-Mar-1964   Donald Franlkin Styles    
1963/64 V4   19-Mar-1964 to 1-Apr-1964   Francis Patrick McMahon    
1964/65 V1   2-Dec-1964 to 17-Dec-1964   Phillip Garth Law    
1964/65 V2   22-Dec-1964 to 15-Mar-1965   Phillip Garth Law    
1964/65 V4   15-Mar-1965 to 24-Mar-1965   Eric Leslie Macklin    
1965/66 V1   6-Dec-1965 to 22-Dec-1965   Francis Patrick McMahon    
1965/66 V2   29-Dec-1965 to 11-Mar-1966   Phillip Garth Law    
1965/66 V4   11-Mar-1966 to 26-Mar-1966   Francis Patrick McMahon    
1966/67 V1   30-Nov-1966 to 17-Dec-1966   Francis Patrick McMahon    
1966/67 V2   26-Dec-1966 to 8-Mar-1967   Donald Franklin Styles    
1966/67 V4   9-Mar-1967 to 20-Mar-1967   Donald Franklin Styles   Macquarie resupply  
1967/68 V1   12-Dec-1967 to 31-Dec-1967   Ronald Harry Weeks   medical evacuation  
1967/68 V2   5-Jan-1968 to 19-Mar-1968   Donald Franklin Styles    
1967/68 V4   20-Mar-1968 to 1-Apr-1968   Ronald Harry Weeks   Macquarie Island resupply  
1968/69 V1   28-Nov-1968 to 15-Dec-1968   Ronald Harry Weeks   Macquarie Island resupply  
1968/69 V2   20-Dec-1968 to 27-Jan-1969   Donald Franklin Styles   Amery  
1968/69 V4   29-Jan-1969 to 27-Mar-1969   Eric Leslie Macklin    
1969/70 V1   28-Nov-1969 to 14-Dec-1969   Graeme William McKinnon   Macqurie resupply  
1969/70 V2   19-Dec-1969 to 3-Feb-1970   Donald Franklin Styles    
1969/70 V3   6-Feb-1970 to 19-Mar-1970   Eric Leslie Macklin    
1970/71 V1   20-Nov-1970 to 6-Dec-1970   Graeme William McKinnon    
1970/71 V2   12-Dec-1970 to 29-Jan-1971   Donald Franklin Styles    
1970/71 V4   2-Feb-1971 to 16-Mar-1971   Eric Leslie Macklin    
1971/72 V1   16-Nov-1971 to 2-Dec-1971   Graeme William McKinnon    
1971/72 V2   9-Dec-1971 to 29-Jan-1972   Donald Franklin Styles    
1971/72 V4   1-Feb-1972 to 14-Mar-1972   William Francis Young    
1972/73 V1   13-Nov-1972 to 30-Nov-1972   Graeme William McKinnon    
1972/73 V2   7-Dec-1972 to 26-Jan-1973   Donald Franklin Styles    
1972/73 V4   1-Feb-1973 to 10-Mar-1973   Eric Leslie Macklin    
1973/74 V1   24-Nov-1973 to 9-Dec-1973   William Francis Young    
1973/74 V2   14-Dec-1973 to 25-Jan-1974   Eric Leslie Macklin    
1973/74 V4   29-Jan-1974 to 18-Mar-1974   Geoffrey Denys Probyn Smith    
1974/75 V1   20-Nov-1974 to 29-Nov-1974   Phillip Herbert Sulzberger    
1974/75 V2   7-Dec-1974 to 22-Jan-1975   Eric Leslie Macklin    
1974/75 V4   25-Jan-1975 to 15-Mar-1975   Geoffrey Denys Probyn Smith    
1975/76 V1   15-Nov-1975 to 1-Dec-1975   William Francis Young    
1975/76 V2   8-Dec-1975 to 18-Jan-1976   William Francis Young    
1975/76 V4   20-Jan-1976 to 9-Mar-1976   Alan Edward Humphreys    
1976/77 V1   18-Nov-1976 to 4-Dec-1976   Alan Edward Humphreys    
1976/77 V2   10-Dec-1976 to 21-Jan-1977   Graeme William McKinnon    
1976/77 V4   25-Jan-1977 to 11-Mar-1977   Attila Vrana    
1977/78 V1   10-Nov-1977 to 27-Nov-1977   Attila Vrana    
1977/78 V2   2-Dec-1977 to 23-Jan-1978   Graeme William McKinnon    
1977/78 V4   27-Jan-1978 to 3-Mar-1978   William Francis Young    
1978/79 V1   15-Nov-1978 to 29-Nov-1978   Alfred (Alf) Argent    
1978/79 V2   5-Dec-1978 to 25-Jan-1979   Attila Vrana    
1978/79 V4   31-Jan-1979 to 10-Mar-1979   Terence William Weatherson    
1979/80 V1   19-Oct-1979 to 2-Nov-1979   Knowles Ronald Kerry    
1979/80 V2   9-Nov-1979 to 14-Dec-1979   Richard Milne Lightfoot    
1979/80 V3   20-Dec-1979 to 1-Feb-1980   Ian Thomas Marchant    
1979/80 V6   7-Feb-1980 to 20-Mar-1980   Ian Edward Balfour Holmes    
1980/81 V1   22-Oct-1980 to 6-Nov-1980   Ian Frederick Allison    
1980/81 V2   8-Nov-1980 to 14-Nov-1980   Knowles Ronald Kerry    
1980/81 V3   17-Nov-1980 to 31-Dec-1980   Terence William Weatherson    
1980/81 V5 FIBEX   9-Jan-1981 to 25-Mar-1981   Knowles Ronald Kerry    
1981/82 V1   17-Oct-1981 to 3-Nov-1981   Knowles Ronald Kerry    
1981/82 V2   8-Nov-1981 to 17-Dec-1981   G. J. Manning    
1981/82 V4 GEOSCI   31-Dec-1981 to 15-Mar-1982   Patrick Gerard Quilty    
1982/83 V1   22-Oct-1982 to 2-Nov-1982   Desmond James Lugg    
1982/83 V2 ADBEX1   8-Nov-1982 to 29-Dec-1982   Knowles Ronald Kerry    
1982/83 V5   7-Jan-1983 to 1-Feb-1983   G J Manning    
1982/83 V7   7-Feb-1983 to 23-Mar-1983   Attila Vrana    
1983/84 V1   15-Oct-1983 to 17-Nov-1983   Roderick B Ledingham    
1983/84 V2   20-Nov-1983 to 29-Dec-1983   Martin Stephen Betts    
1983/84 V5 ADBEX2   5-Jan-1984 to 16-Feb-1984   Knowles Ronald Kerry    
1983/84 V8   18-Feb-1984 to 19-Mar-1984   Desmond James Lugg    
1984/85 V1   18-Oct-1984 to 30-Oct-1984   Martin Stephen Betts    
1984/85 V3   2-Nov-1984 to 17-Dec-1984   Martin Stephen Betts    
1984/85 V5 SIBEX2   22-Dec-1984 to 3-Feb-1985   Harvey Marchant    
1984/85 V7   8-Feb-1985 to 17-Mar-1985   Ian Marchant    
1985/86 V1 ADBEX3   8-Oct-1985 to 28-Dec-1985   Knowles Kerry    
1985/86 V5 VOY005   4-Jan-1986 to 22-Feb-1986   Tom Maggs    
1985/86 V8   24-Feb-1986 to 26-Mar-1986   Ian Thomas Marchant    
1986/87 V2   26-Oct-1986 to 1-Dec-1986   Ian Thomas Marchant    
1986/87 V3   3-Dec-1986 to 14-Dec-1986   Desmond James Lugg    
1986/87 V5   18-Dec-1986 to 2-Feb-1987   James E Bleasel    
1986/87 V7 AAMBER   6-Feb-1987 to 2-Apr-1987   Dick Williams    
1987/88 V1   8-Sep-1987 to 30-Sep-1987   Lorraine Francis    
1987/88 V2   3-Oct-1987 to 23-Nov-1987   Attila Vrana    
1987/88 V4   27-Nov-1987 to 3-Dec-1987   David Lyons   Nella Dan's Last Voyage