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MS Nella Dan

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Voyage 2
Law, Phillip Garth (Phil)


Voyage Leader

Graeme William McKinnon

Deputy Voyage Leader

Alan D Parker


A magnetometer installed and operated by personnel from the University of New South Wales was put overboard as soon as the vessel cleared Bass Strait. High winds prevented a landing on Macquarie until 23 Nov. Botanists, geologists, a geomorphologist, and geophysicists carried out summer programs. An officer from the Tasmanian Department of Agriculture continued the survey of the rabbit population and the distribution of rabbit fleas, and collected rabbit eye lenses for examination in Australia. Two biologists continued studies of the Light-mantled Sooty Albatross and Giant Petrels. A plaque in memory of Brenton Sellick, a weather observer with the outgoing 1971 party who had been killed in a fall in Jan 1971 was unveiled. The ship carried out a magnetometer and depth-sounding survey on the return voyage.

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Melbourne  16-Nov-1971  Macquarie Island  20-Nov-1971 
Macquarie Island  27-Nov-1971  Melbourne  2-Dec-1971 

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