1991/92 V6 details

General information

ACE CRC reference name

Cruise Name

FISHOG - Fish and Oceanography

Voyage Classification

Marine Science


Aurora Australis

©AAD, Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 1997
Catalogue id
Pumping fuel to Mirny
McCormack, David (Dave)


Voyage Leader

Dick Williams

Deputy Voyage Leader

Gerry Nash

Voyage Objectives

Marine Science/Summer Retrieval

Voyage Reports

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Hobart  9-Jan-1992  Other  10-Jan-1992 
Other  10-Jan-1992  Atlas Cove, Heard Island  23-Jan-1992 
Atlas Cove, Heard Island  23-Jan-1992  Atlas Cove, Heard Island  28-Jan-1992 
Atlas Cove, Heard Island  28-Jan-1992  Atlas Cove, Heard Island  12-Feb-1992 
Atlas Cove, Heard Island  13-Feb-1992  Mawson  8-Mar-1992 
Mawson  8-Mar-1992  Davis  10-Mar-1992 
Davis  11-Mar-1992  Spit Point, Heard Island  15-Mar-1992 
Spit Point, Heard Island  15-Mar-1992  Casey  20-Mar-1992 
Casey  20-Mar-1992  Hobart  27-Mar-1992 

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See the 1991/92 Voyage Schedule for other voyages for this season.

Voyage track

Spatial bounds of voyage

42° 53.0' S
62° 47.9' E 147° 22.7' E
69° 31.5' S

Voyage Track map from the Marine Underway database, averaged every 15 minutes

Voyage Data and Activities

Biological Collections

List of collections of species data collected on this voyage. Some collections are voyage specific or might be from a wider set of observations or samples.

Collection NameObservation countLink to data search form
AAD Benthic Sampling Database 193 Search
Kelp rafts in the Southern Ocean 2 Search
Pelagic Fish Observations 1968-1999 6013 Search
Seabirds of the Southern and South Indian Ocean 8783 Search

Voyage activities

CTD Bottle Data - Link to data at CTD Bottle Data

For data quality, methods used etc., see au9206 - Aurora Australis Southern Ocean oceanographic (CTD) data, cruise au9206 (FISHOG) at GCMD
CTD Cast Data 168 CTD's taken. - Link to data at CTD Cast Data

For data quality, methods used etc., see au9206 - Aurora Australis Southern Ocean oceanographic (CTD) data, cruise au9206 (FISHOG) at GCMD
Underway Data & Voyage Tracks 7481 positions recorded. - Link to data at Underway Data & Voyage Tracks

Data from 9-Jan-1992 06:55 UT to 27-Mar-1992 09:10 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see 199192060 - Aurora Australis Voyage 6 (FISHOG) 1991-92 Underway Data at GCMD
Wildlife at Sea observations Observed 70 species from 9110 observations. See Species and observation count - Link to data at Wildlife at Sea observations

Data from 9-Jan-1992 21:40 UT to 27-Mar-1992 04:40 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see DB_WOV *** at GCMD
XBT deployments 114 XBT's. data needs to be loaded into database.


Weather plot of voyage

Science Projects

Note - this page lists projects where there has been some requirements logged. This may include requests that are not directly associated with any science performed on the ship.

Australian Antarctic Science Projects for voyage. Click on the project number to see Public details such as project metadata and Australian Antarctic Program publications.

7 Distribution, size and dissolution of Antarctic icebergs [observational]
40 The role of antarctic marine protists in trophodynamics and global change and the impact of UV-B on these organisms
45 Fisheries investigations in the Heard Island AFZ
61 Sulfur gas production by the alga 'Phaeocystis' in Antarctic waters
139 Rotifers of the Larsemann Hills
141 Collection of live Antarctic krill 'Euphausia superba'
189 The East Antarctic sea ice zone: characteristics and ocean- ice-atmosphere interaction
217 Rotifers of the Vestfold Hills
472 Continuous plankton recorder survey [observational]
473 Summer Zooplankton Composition of the Heard Island AFZ
477 A Comprehensive Oceanographic Survey of the Structure and Dynamics of the Prydz Bay Region with Particular Reference Explaining Biological Features Observed in Recent Studies
478 Western Boundary Current of the Eastern Flank of the Kerguelen Plateau
508 The Use of Lipid Profiles of 'Euphausia superba' as a Parameter for Determining Dietary Preferences and the Abundance and Spatial Distribution of Krill
533 The Distribution and Abundance of Seabirds at Sea in Prydz Bay in Relation to Physical and Biological Parameters
540 Environmental impact of pelagic plastics: surface waters of the Southern Ocean and adjacent shorelines
542 The Production and Fate of Biogenic Particles in the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem
2210 UV climate over the Southern Ocean south of Australia, and its biological impact