Transport details

Aurora Australis

Ship Details

Official Ship Name Aurora Australis
Call sign VNZAA
Expedition capacity 116
Crew capacity 24
Fuel type

Aviation fuel
Bunker oil

Fuel capacity 2400000 litres
Length (overall) 95 m
Breadth (overall) 20.3 m
Draft (overall) 7.65 m
Gross tonnage 3911 tonnes
Normal sea speed 13 knots

Cargo hold
Helicopter deck
Ship to ship refueling

Other comments

©AAD, Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 1997
Catalogue id
Pumping fuel to Mirny
McCormack, David (Dave)

Voyage List

List of voyages that used this ship/aircraft. Click on voyage name to display full details.

Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1989/90 V7.2 HIMS   7-May-1990 to 4-Jul-1990   Dick Williams   Marine Science and Ice Trials  
1990/91 V2 ICE   10-Oct-1990 to 4-Nov-1990   Ian Marchant   Ice-edge  
1990/91 V4   23-Nov-1990 to 28-Dec-1990   Martin Betts   Changeover, PCM In  
1990/91 V6 AAMBER2   3-Jan-1991 to 19-Mar-1991   Dick Williams    
1991/92 V1 WOCE91   25-Sep-1991 to 26-Oct-1991   Martin Betts   Macq. Isl./Science Trials  
1991/92 V1   25-Sep-1991 to 26-Oct-1991   Martin Betts   Macq. Isl./Science Trials  
1991/92 V2   28-Oct-1991 to 29-Nov-1991   Rod Ledingham   Mawson/Davis Ice Edge  
1991/92 V4   1-Dec-1991 to 3-Jan-1992   Vince Restuccia   Mawson/Davis Changeover PCM's  
1991/92 V6 FISHOG   9-Jan-1992 to 27-Mar-1992   Dick Williams   Marine Science/Summer Retrieval  
1992/93 V1 MONGREL   17-Oct-1992 to 23-Nov-1992     Mawson / Davis Fly-off, MS.  
1992/93 V4   25-Nov-1992 to 27-Dec-1992     Mawson / Davis changeover.  
1992/93 V7 KROCK   5-Jan-1993 to 9-Mar-1993   Graham Hosie   Marine Science  
1992/93 V9 WOES   11-Mar-1993 to 3-Apr-1993   Steve Nicol   Marine Science  
1992/93 V9.1 WORSE   3-Apr-1993 to 10-May-1993   Steve Nicol   Marine Science  
1993/94 V1 THIRST   6-Aug-1993 to 9-Oct-1993   Dick Williams   Marine Science  
1993/94 V2   12-Oct-1993 to 17-Nov-1993      
1993/94 V4   19-Nov-1993 to 28-Dec-1993   Rob Easther    
1993/94 V7 SHAM   1-Jan-1994 to 1-Mar-1994   Jo Jacka   Marine Science & Retrieval  
1994/95 V1 BESET   19-Jul-1994 to 19-Oct-1994   Ian Marchant    
1994/95 V2   22-Oct-1994 to 29-Nov-1994     Davis Resupply  
1994/95 V3 MIRTH   1-Dec-1994 to 10-Dec-1994     Macquarie Is resupply.  
1994/95 V4 WOCET   13-Dec-1994 to 2-Feb-1995   Rob Esather   Casey resupply.  
1994/95 V6 BANGSS   6-Feb-1995 to 12-Apr-1995   Pat Quilty   M Resupply  
1994/95 V7   11-Apr-1995 to 8-May-1995     C Retrieval  
1995/96 V1 ABSTAIN   17-Jul-1995 to 2-Sep-1995   Ian Allison   Oceanography  
1995/96 V2   15-Sep-1995 to 31-Oct-1995   Phil Gard   MI / Davis Partial Resupply.  
1995/96 V3   25-Nov-1995 to 1-Jan-1996     C & D Change-over.  
1995/96 V4 BROKE   19-Jan-1996 to 31-Mar-1996   Steve Nicol   Marine Science  
1995/96 V6   2-Apr-1996 to 2-May-1996     D & C Retrieval.  
1996/97 V1 WASTE   22-Aug-1996 to 25-Sep-1996   Simon Wright   Marine Science, IRB to MI  
1996/97 V2 LIMP   26-Sep-1996 to 24-Nov-1996   Martin Betts   D Resupply  
1996/97 V3   25-Nov-1996 to 5-Dec-1996   Warren Papworth   MI Change Over & Resupply  
1996/97 V4   9-Dec-1996 to 24-Jan-1997   Ross Jamieson   C, M, D Changeover, C Resupply  
1996/97 V5 BRAD   28-Jan-1997 to 29-Mar-1997   Pat Quilty   M Resupply  
1996/97 V6   21-Apr-1997 to 24-Apr-1997   Andrew Jackson   Summer Expeditioners Out  
1997/98 V1 WANDER   5-Sep-1997 to 24-Sep-1997   Sandra Potter   Marine Science  
1997/98 V2 ON-ICE   23-Sep-1997 to 11-Nov-1997   Ian Marchant   Davis Resupply  
1997/98 V3   14-Nov-1997 to 27-Nov-1997   Richard Mulligan   MI Change-over & Resupply  
1997/98 V4 SEXY   29-Nov-1997 to 22-Jan-1998   Vince Restuccia   C, D, M Change-over & C Resupply  
1997/98 V5   26-Jan-1998 to 23-Feb-1998   Brian Taylor   Mawson Resupply  
1997/98 V6 SNARK   28-Feb-1998 to 1-Apr-1998   Suzanne Stallman   Marine Science  
1997/98 V7 PICCIES   3-Apr-1998 to 22-May-1998   Dick Williams   Summer Retrieval  
1998/99 V1 FIRE and ICE   15-Jul-1998 to 31-Jul-1998   Ian Allison   MI Summer in, Polynya Study  
1998/99 V4 SEXY II   28-Oct-1998 to 27-Dec-1998   Suzanne Stallman   Mar Science, Davis Resupply, SAB  
1998/99 V5   13-Jan-1999 to 15-Jan-1999   Warren Papworth   M SAB, C Res, Retrieval  
1998/99 V6 STAY   6-Mar-1999 to 21-Apr-1999     M Res, C SAB, Retrieval  
1999/2000 V1 IDIOTS   13-Jul-1999 to 7-Sep-1999   Ian Allison   Polynya Study  
1999/2000 V2   1-Oct-1999 to 19-Nov-1999   Warren Papworth   Davis Resupply, Deploy Summer Ex  
1999/2000 V4   22-Nov-1999 to 21-Jan-2000   Rob Easther   Seal Survey, D & M C'over  
1999/2000 V5   24-Jan-2000 to 16-Feb-2000   Tony Molyneux   Casey Resupply  
1999/2000 V6   18-Feb-2000 to 30-Mar-2000   Gordon Bain   Mawson resupply, all summer out  
2000/01 V1   4-Jan-2000 to 18-Nov-2000   Suzanne Stallman   Davis Resupply, LIDAR, Summer in  
2000/01 V4   18-Nov-2000 to 27-Dec-2000   John Brooks   Heard Island, M & D Changeover  
2000/01 V6 KACTAS   31-Dec-2000 to 10-Mar-2001   Graham Hosie   Marine Science  
2000/01 V8   10-Mar-2001 to 5-Apr-2001   Martin Betts   MI partial resupply, C retrieval  
2001/02 V2   26-Sep-2001 to 28-Nov-2001   Martin Betts   MI and Casey summer deployment.  
2001/02 V3 CLIVAR   28-Oct-2001 to 12-Dec-2001   Harvey Marchant   Marine Science (CLIVAR)  
2001/02 V5   16-Dec-2001 to 23-Jan-2002   Greg Hodge   Casey Resupply and Changeover  
2001/02 V7 LOSS   24-Jan-2002 to 7-Mar-2002   Rob Easther   Marine Science  
2001/02 V8   10-Mar-2002 to 23-Mar-2002   Suzanne Stallman   Macquarie Island resupply  
2002/03 V1   13-Oct-2002 to 18-Nov-2002   Doug Thost   MI deployment and Marine Science  
2002/03 V2   19-Nov-2002 to 27-Dec-2002   Louise Crossley   Davis & Mawson Changeover  
2002/03 V4 KAOS   3-Jan-2003 to 19-Mar-2003   Steve Nicol   Marine Science AMLR  
2002/03 V6   20-Mar-2003 to 31-Mar-2003   Don Hudspeth, Shane Hunniford   Macquarie Island Resupply  
2003/04 V1 ARISE   10-Sep-2003 to 31-Oct-2003   Ian Allison   Mar Science, Casey changeover  
2003/04 V2   3-Nov-2003 to 5-Dec-2003   Jane Wilson   Deploy personnel and D Resupply.  
2003/04 V4 HIPPIES   6-Dec-2003 to 1-Mar-2004   Dick Williams   Marine Science  
2003/04 V7   17-Feb-2004 to 12-Mar-2004   Rob Easther   MI resupply, Casey fly-off  
2004/05 V1   1-Oct-2004 to 14-Nov-2004   Victoria Lytle   Ice validation & Marine Science  
2004/05 V2   17-Nov-2004 to 19-Dec-2004   Jane Wilson   Continental changeover  
2004/05 V3 ORCKA   25-Dec-2004 to 15-Feb-2005   Steve Rintoul   Marine Science  
2004/05 V5   20-Feb-2005 to 2-Apr-2005   Michael Carr   Mawson & MI resupply, Casey  
2005/06 V1   16-Oct-2005 to 24-Nov-2005   Richard Mulligan    
2005/06 V2   25-Nov-2005 to 27-Dec-2005   Doug Thost    
2005/06 V3 BROKE-West   2-Jan-2006 to 14-Mar-2006   Steve Nicol   BROKE - West Marine Science  
2005/06 V5   17-Mar-2006 to 14-Apr-2006   Shane Hunniford   MI resupply, personnel retrieval from Casey  
2006/07 V1   12-Oct-2006 to 1-Dec-2006   Doug Thost    
2006/07 V1.1   30-Sep-2006 to 10-Oct-2006     Marine Science equipment trials.  
2006/07 V2   8-Dec-2006 to 14-Jan-2007   Dave Tonna   Deploy CHINARE wintering and summer expeditioners and cargo. Davis changeover and retrieval.  
2006/07 V3 SAZ-SENSE   17-Jan-2007 to 20-Feb-2007   Vicki Lytle    
2006/07 V4   23-Feb-2007 to 1-Apr-2007   Robb Clifton    
2006/07 V5   5-Apr-2007 to 21-Apr-2007   Don Hudspeth    
2007/08 V1 SIPEX   29-Aug-2007 to 16-Oct-2007   Dr. Tony Worby   SIPEX Marine Science  
2007/08 V2   18-Oct-2007 to 3-Dec-2007   Mr. Don Hudspeth   DAVIS RESUPPLY Deploy & retrieve personnel  
2007/08 V3 CEAMARC/CASO   13-Dec-2007 to 26-Jan-2008   Dr. Martin Riddle   CEAMARC/CASO Marine Science  
2007/08 V4   2-Feb-2008 to 22-Mar-2008   Ms. Nicki Chilcott   MAWSON & CASEY RESUPPLY Personnel retrieval  
2007/08 V6 CASO   22-Mar-2008 to 19-Apr-2008   Steve Rintoul   CASO marine science  
2008/09 T1   3-Oct-2008 to 11-Oct-2008   Jono Reeve   Marine Science Voyage trials trials and moorings  
2008/09 V1   12-Oct-2008 to 21-Nov-2008   Tony Worby   Deploy and retrieve personnel - Davis Changeover and Resupply Ice radar project  
2008/09 V2   23-Nov-2008 to 26-Dec-2008   Robb Clifton   Casey Changeover and Davis Summer Personnel changeover  
2008/09 V3   30-Dec-2008 to 20-Feb-2009   Rob Bryson   Deploy and Retrieve Personnel - JARE. Conduct marine science en-route along 110E. Deploy and retrieve personnel and fully resupply Syowa Station via helicopter over 40 miles of fast ice. Load RTA cargo. Conduct marine science en-route along 150E.  
2008/09 V5   24-Feb-2009 to 26-Mar-2009   Pete Perderson   Davis Personnel Retrieval & Macquarie Island Resupply  
2009/10 V1   30-Oct-2009 to 4-Dec-2009   Karin Beaumont   Davis resupply & refuel. Mawson winter/summer personnel in.  
2009/10 V2   7-Dec-2009 to 22-Jan-2010   Dr. Doug Thost   Casey resupply. Davis summer personnel changeover. Marine Science - fishing and benthic studies.  
2009/10 V3   25-Jan-2010 to 27-Feb-2010   Rob Bryson   Mawson resupply. Davis light essential.  
2009/10 V4   8-Mar-2010 to 28-Mar-2010   Andy Cianchi   Davis summer retrieval  
2009/10 V5   30-Mar-2010 to 16-Apr-2010   Andy Cianchi    
2009/10 VE1   21-May-2010 to 5-Jun-2010   Andy Cianchi   Deliver Pest Eradication Program to and from Macquarie Island, bring home 6 AAD personnel from APRANSA project 3188.  
2009/10 VTrials   14-Oct-2009 to 25-Oct-2009   Rob Bryson   Marine Science trials & Macquarie Island light resupply  
2010/11 Trials   14-Oct-2010 to 18-Oct-2010   Rob Bryson   Marine Science Trials  
2010/11 V1   21-Oct-2010 to 2-Dec-2010   Karin Beaumont   Davis Resupply & Changeover  
2010/11 V2   1-Dec-2010 to 22-Dec-2010   Sharon Labudda   Casey Resupply  
2010/11 V3   3-Feb-2011 to 11-Mar-2011   Andy Cianchi   Mawson Resupply, Davis light essential Cargo deployment  
2010/11 V4   19-Mar-2011 to 15-Apr-2011   Doug Thost   Davis & Casey Summer Personnel Retrieval  
2010/11 V5   19-Apr-2011 to 5-May-2011   Robb Clifton   Macquarie Island Resupply  
2010/11 VE2   3-Aug-2010 to 10-Aug-2010   Andy Cianchi   Retrieve Pest Eradication Personnel from Macquarie Island  
2010/11 VMS   5-Jan-2011 to 6-Feb-2011   Steve Rintoul   Marine Science SR3 Transect and Mertz Glacier  
2011/12 V1   23-Oct-2011 to 26-Nov-2011     Davis resupply for the 2011/12 season.  
2011/12 V2   28-Nov-2011 to 3-Jan-2012     Casey resupply  
2011/12 V3   4-Jan-2012 to 11-Feb-2012     Commonwealth Bay visit and Marine Science  
2011/12 V4   12-Feb-2012 to 15-Mar-2012     Mawson resupply  
2011/12 V5   15-Mar-2012 to 14-Apr-2012     Recover Davis and Casey summer personnel  
2011/12 V6   14-Apr-2012 to 2-May-2012     Macquarie Island resupply  
2011/12 VE1        
2011/12 VTrials   16-Oct-2011 to 21-Oct-2011     Marine Science Trials  
2012/13 V1   15-Nov-2012 to 14-Dec-2012     Davis resupply  
2012/13 V2   16-Dec-2012 to 7-Jan-2013     Casey resupply  
2012/13 V3   9-Jan-2013 to 21-Feb-2013     Mawson resupply  
2012/13 V4   26-Feb-2013 to 15-Mar-2013     Macquarie Island resupply  
2012/13 VMS SIPEX II   13-Sep-2012 to 15-Nov-2012   Andy Cianchi   This project will measure the physical and biological properties of sea ice on small-to-regional scales using ice coring surveys, remotely-operated and autonomous underwater vehicles, drifting buoys and instrumented helicopters. Data collected will enhance our understanding of sea ice in Antarctic climate and ecosystem processes and will be utilised in the validation of satellite-derived products and the parameterisation of sea ice processes in climate and ecosystem models.  
2013/14 V1   15-Oct-2013 to 7-Dec-2013   Mr Tony Foy   On charter, load Davis resupply cargo, bunker vessel  
2013/14 V2/3   11-Dec-2013 to 22-Jan-2014   Ms Leanne Millhouse   Macquarie Island summer changeover & Casey resupply  
2013/14 V4   30-Jan-2014 to 1-Mar-2014   Mr Andy Cianchi   Casey, Davis summer retrieval  
2013/14 V6   9-Mar-2014 to 19-Apr-2014   Mr Andrew Deep   Mawson resupply & changeover/via helicopter  
2014/15 V1   22-Oct-2014 to 23-Nov-2014   Dr Doug Thost   Davis Resupply and Personnel Changeover  
2014/15 V2   5-Dec-2014 to 25-Jan-2015   Mr Tony Foy   Casey Resupply, Totten US/AU Mooring Recovery and Marine Science (MS - subject to external funding)  
2014/15 V3   28-Jan-2015 to 3-Apr-2015   Mr Andy Cianchi   Mawson Resupply, Davis summer retrieval  
2014/15 V4   6-Apr-2015 to 20-Apr-2015   Ms Nicki Wicks   Macquarie Island Resupply  
2014/15 VTrials   26-Sep-2014 to 1-Oct-2014     LERP Sea Trials + AAD Marine Science Sea Trials  
2014/15 VTrials 2   15-Oct-2014 to 16-Oct-2014     LERP Sea Trials  
2015/16 V1   29-Oct-2015 to 29-Nov-2015   Ms Leanne Millhouse   Davis Resupply (Mawson pax by air via Davis)  
2015/16 V1A   22-Oct-2015 to 28-Oct-2015     Macquarie Island voyage  
2015/16 V2   9-Dec-2015 to 7-Jan-2016   Mr Andy Cianchi   Casey Resupply  
2015/16 V3 K-AXIS   11-Jan-2016 to 12-Mar-2016   Mr Lloyd Symons   Marine Science, Mawson Resupply, Davis Summer Retrieval  
2015/16 VTrials   30-Nov-2015 to 5-Dec-2015     Marine Science trials  
2016/17 V1   27-Oct-2016 to 3-Dec-2016   Mr Lloyd Symons   Davis Resupply  
2016/17 V2   8-Dec-2016 to 21-Jan-2017   Mr Andy Cianchi   Marine Science, Casey Resupply  
2016/17 V3   25-Jan-2017 to 11-Mar-2017   Ms Leanne Millhouse   Mawson Resupply, Davis Summer Retrieval  
2016/17 V4   14-Mar-2017 to 30-Mar-2017   Mr Robb Clifton   Macquarie Island Resupply  
2016/17 VMSTrials   21-Oct-2016 to 25-Oct-2016   Mr Phillip Boxall   Marine Science Trials  
2017/18 V1   29-Oct-2017 to 3-Dec-2017   Dr Doug Thost   Davis resupply, refuel  
2017/18 V2   13-Dec-2017 to 11-Jan-2018   Mr James Moloney   Casey resupply, refuel  
2017/18 V3   16-Jan-2018 to 6-Mar-2018   Mr Mark Skinner   Mawson Resupply, Davis Summer Retrieval  
2017/18 V4   9-Mar-2018 to 23-Mar-2018   Mr Andy Cianchi   Macquarie Island resupply  
2017/18 VTrials   21-Oct-2017 to 24-Oct-2017