2010/11 VMS details

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Voyage Classification

Marine Science


Aurora Australis

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Pumping fuel to Mirny
McCormack, David (Dave)


Voyage Leader

Steve Rintoul

Deputy Voyage Leader

Frederique Olivier

Voyage Objectives

Marine Science SR3 Transect and Mertz Glacier

Voyage Reports

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Hobart  4-Jan-2011  Hobart  6-Feb-2011 

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See the 2010/11 Voyage Schedule for other voyages for this season.

Voyage track

Spatial bounds of voyage

42° 00.0' S
140° 00.0' E 150° 00.0' E
67° 00.0' S

Voyage Data and Activities

Voyage activities

ARGO Floats deployed Several Argo floats were deployed including ones to deal with ice. Details in the event log.

Observers: Esmee van Wijk
Benthic camera 1800 images taken from CTD frame within 10 metres of the seafloor. See metadata record for camera details. See events log for sites

Observers: Jodie Smith

For data quality, methods used etc., see VMS_Benthic_Photography - High resolution still photographs of the seafloor across the Mertz Glacier Region at GCMD
Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) tows Two tows successful from 3 undertaken. Processing of samples will take sometime.

Observers: Dave Watts

For data quality, methods used etc., see AADC-00099 - Southern Ocean Continuous Zooplankton Records at GCMD
CTD Cast Data 149 CTD casts undertaken. Cast 1 to 55 were on the SR3 transect. Cast 56 to 140 were in the shallower waters of the mertz Plyna and the last 9 CTD on the I9 transect.

Observers: Steve Rintoul, Mark Rosenberg et al.

For data quality, methods used etc., see VMS_Ocean *** at GCMD
Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeter Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer was deployed to determine how healthy the phytoplankton were. Both deployments and underway data was collected. See event log for deployments.

Observers: Fraser Kennedy

For data quality, methods used etc., see VMS_FRRF - 2010/11 VMS - Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer (FRRF) sampling on the Aurora Australis at GCMD
Iceberg observations Numerous expeditioners observed round the clock iceberg sizes whilst in the seaice zone as part of long term observation program.
Non-specific sampling 200 litres of seawater was sampled within the top 80 metres of water for genomics. Details of sites in the event log.

Observers: Tim Williams

For data quality, methods used etc., see VMS_Genomics - 2010/11 VMS Geonomics sampling at GCMD
Phytoplankton Samples Water samples were taken at selected sites and depths with Niskin bottles on a rosette sampler on CTD casts. Organisms in these samples were concentrated by filtration using 0.8 micometre pore size polycarbonate filters and examined by light and fluorescence microscopy in a coldroom at 3.5°C to check for the presence of Parmales.

Observers: Harvey Marchant

For data quality, methods used etc., see VMS_Parmales *** at GCMD
Underway Data & Voyage Tracks 291643 positions recorded.

Data from 3-Jan-2011 00:15 UT to 5-Feb-2011 19:52 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see 201011021 - Aurora Australis Voyage Marine Science (VMS) 2010/11 Track and Underway Data at GCMD
Zooplankton collections Samples taken for Calcareous Zooplankton Response to Ocean Acidification.

Observers: Will Howard

For data quality, methods used etc., see VMS_Calcareous_zooplankton - 2010/11 VMS - Calcareous Zooplankton samples collected on the Aurora Australis at GCMD


Science Projects

Note - this page lists projects where there has been some requirements logged. This may include requests that are not directly associated with any science performed on the ship.

No Australian Antarctic Science Projects for voyage. See Current and Previous Projects for details on other projects.