2001/02 V3 details

General information

ACE CRC reference name

Cruise Name

CLIVAR - Climate Variability

Voyage Classification

Marine Science


Aurora Australis

©AAD, Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 1997
Catalogue id
Pumping fuel to Mirny
McCormack, David (Dave)


Voyage Leader

Harvey Marchant

Voyage Objectives

Marine Science (CLIVAR)

Voyage Reports

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Hobart  29-Oct-2001  Hobart  13-Dec-2001 

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Voyage track

Spatial bounds of voyage

42° 52.9' S
138° 36.8' E 147° 40.8' E
67° 11.3' S

Voyage Track map from the Marine Underway database, averaged every 15 minutes

Voyage Data and Activities

Biological Collections

List of collections of species data collected on this voyage. Some collections are voyage specific or might be from a wider set of observations or samples.

Collection NameObservation countLink to data search form
Phytoplankton samples - 2001/02 V3 CLIVAR 417 Search
Southern Ocean Continuous Zooplankton Recorder (SO-CPR) Survey 1061 Search
Spring Phytoplankton Assemblages in the Southern Ocean Between Australia and Antarctica (CLIVAR-SR3) 829 Search

Voyage activities

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler 741 profiles - Link to data at Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

Data from 29-Oct-2001 20:00 UT to 10-Dec-2001 19:30 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see au0103 - Aurora Australis marine science cruise au0103 (CLIVAR_SR3) - CTD and adcp data at GCMD
Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) tows Number of segments = 128 - Link to data at Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) tows

Data from 7-Dec-2001 07:46 UT to 11-Dec-2001 08:12 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see AADC-00099 - Southern Ocean Continuous Zooplankton Records at GCMD
CTD Bottle Data 135 Stations - Link to data at CTD Bottle Data

Data from 29-Oct-2001 21:04 UT to 11-Dec-2001 06:07 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see au0103 - Aurora Australis marine science cruise au0103 (CLIVAR_SR3) - CTD and adcp data at GCMD
CTD Cast Data 135 casts - Link to data at CTD Cast Data

Data from 29-Oct-2001 21:04 UT to 11-Dec-2001 06:07 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see au0103 - Aurora Australis marine science cruise au0103 (CLIVAR_SR3) - CTD and adcp data at GCMD
Underway Data & Voyage Tracks - Link to data at Underway Data & Voyage Tracks

Data from 24-Oct-2001 02:59 UT to 12-Dec-2001 19:29 UT

For data quality, methods used etc., see 200102030 - Aurora Australis Voyage 3 2001-2002 Underway Data at GCMD
XBT deployments 7 XBT profiles. Taken from GTSPP (http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/GTSPP/gtspp-home.html) - Link to data at XBT deployments


Science Projects

Note - this page lists projects where there has been some requirements logged. This may include requests that are not directly associated with any science performed on the ship.

Australian Antarctic Science Projects for voyage. Click on the project number to see Public details such as project metadata and Australian Antarctic Program publications.

40 The role of antarctic marine protists in trophodynamics and global change and the impact of UV-B on these organisms
472 Continuous plankton recorder survey [observational]
701 Long-term monitoring of the mesopause region via hydroxyl emissions at Davis
739 B9 Iceberg Dissolution Rates
1105 Primary production, bacterial production, phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing rates along the WOCE SR3 line and in the seasonal ice zone
1156 Sub-Antarctic zone mooring study of interannual variability in particulate carbon export
1301 Iron Distribution and Effects on Phytoplankton Growth in the Seasonal Sea Ice Zone
1302 The carbon cycle in the Australian sector of the Southern Ocean
1307 Sea ice primary production off eastern Antarctica
1335 Southern Ocean CLIVAR: Repeat transects across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
1340 Squid in the antarctic and subantarctic, their biology and ecology
1342 A comparison of sea-ice thickness measurements made using ship-mounted and airborne electromagnetic induction devices
1343 Comparative study of the processes controlling carbon export in Southern Ocean environments characterised by a different hydrodynamical and ecological functioning
1344 A study of the impact of oceanic biological processes on the air-sea exchange of methyl bromide and other climatically important halocarbons: a collaborative proposal
1350 Factors controlling phytoplankton stocks within and at the base of the surface mixed layer in sub-polar and polar Australian waters
2100 Factors affecting DMS in the seasonal ice zone
2208 Variability in the distribution and abundance of seabirds in the Southern Indian Ocean
2220 Collection of live antarctic krill
2276 Determination of the ultraviolet radiation environment at the Australian Antarctic Stations (Now Project 3106)