1994/95 WOCE-IO8S details

General information


Voyage Classification

Marine Science


RV Knorr


Voyage Leader

Mike McCartney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Voyage Objectives

Part of the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Hydrographic Program. The object of this cruise was to occupy a series of CTD-O2 (Conductivity- Temperature-Depth-Oxygen) stations along two, approximately north-south tracks. The first track started at 30°S. 95°E and ended at the edge of the ice of Antarctica at 82°E. The second track began at the ice edge at 111°E and proceeded north to the continental shelf of Australia at 115°E.


CTD data obtained from the WOCE data resource http://woce.nodc.noaa.gov/wdiu/index.htm

Voyage Reports

No reports known - if you know of any, please contact the Data Centre and we can add them.


Skeds not available for this voyage.

Voyage track

Spatial bounds of voyage

30° 00.0' S
81° 00.0' E 110° 00.0' E
64° 00.0' S

No track has been constructed.

Voyage Data and Activities

Voyage activities

There are no data related activities recorded for this voyage.


There is no weather data for this voyage.

Science Projects

Note - this page lists projects where there has been some requirements logged. This may include requests that are not directly associated with any science performed on the ship.

No Australian Antarctic Science Projects for voyage. See Current and Previous Projects for details on other projects.