Transport details

RV Knorr

Ship Details

Official Ship Name RV Knorr
Call sign
Expedition capacity 32
Crew capacity 22
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) 85 m
Breadth (overall) 14 m
Draft (overall) 5 m
Gross tonnage 2685 tonnes
Normal sea speed 11 knots
Ice Class some - not specified

Other comments Details from Built in 1968 and used for the IS08 WOCE survey in 1994/95

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1994/95 WOCE-IO8S   1-Dec-1994 to 19-Jan-1995   Mike McCartney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute   Part of the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Hydrographic Program. The object of this cruise was to occupy a series of CTD-O2 (Conductivity- Temperature-Depth-Oxygen) stations along two, approximately north-south tracks. The first track started at 30°S. 95°E and ended at the edge of the ice of Antarctica at 82°E. The second track began at the ice edge at 111°E and proceeded north to the continental shelf of Australia at 115°E.