Biodiversity database


The terrestrial areas of the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic are being classified into regions for comparing biodiversity and patterns of distribution.

Biogeographical analyses of the Antarctic Regions has recently been published in Diversity and Distributions.

Download the shapefiles associated with these analyses (including expert-defined EBA bioregions, the new Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions – ACBRs and the Antarctic Specially Protected Area network).

Download a polar protection map of the Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions.

Download a polar projection map of the expert-defined EBA Bioregions.

Search the expert-defined EBA Bioregions for information about specific bioregions.

More information on the Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic (EBA) programme.

The Marine areas are defined by SCAR-MarBIN. See a map of the extents of data that can be used in this portal.