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Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Ascomycota
Class Ascomycetes
Order Not assigned to an order
Family Not assigned to an family

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Genus Lepraria
Lepraria arctica (Lynge) Wetm.
Lepraria atlantica Orange
Lepraria borealis Lohtander & Tonsberg
Lepraria caesioalba (B. de Lesd.) Laundon
Lepraria cf. caesioalba
Lepraria cf. lobificans
Lepraria cf. neglecta
Lepraria cf. straminea
Lepraria neglecta Vain.
Lepraria rigidula (B. de Lesdain) Tonsberg
Lepraria straminea Vain.
Genus Leproloma
Leproloma cacuminum (Massal.) Laundon
Leproloma cf. cacuminum
Leproloma cf. membranaceum
Leproloma cf. vouauxii
Leproloma sp.
Leproloma vouauxii (Hue) Laundon
Genus Massalongia
Massalongia antarctica Dodge
Massalongia carnosa (Dicks.) K¿rb.
Massalongia cf. carnosa
Massalongia intricata Ovst.
Massalongia sp.