Feature Types

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Code Feature Type Definition
610 ADD coast Antarctic Digital Database coast polygon
611 ADD coastline Antarctic Digital Database coastline
612 ADD contour Antarctic Digital Database contours
615 ADD lake Antarctic Digital Database lakes
614 ADD moraine Antarctic Digital Database moraine
613 ADD rock Antarctic Digital Database rock
153 Control point A location where the geographic coordinates have been measured.
298 Ice shelf A floating ice sheet of considerable thickness attached to a coast. Ice shelves are usually of great horizontal extent and have a level or gently undulating surface. They are nourished by the accumulation of snow and often by seaward extension of land glaciers. Limited areas may be aground. The seaward edge is termed an ice front.
598 Ice shelf boundary The boundary of the ice shelf.
599 Region An area of land, or division of the earth's surface, having definable boundaries or characteristics.
309 Sounding A sub-marine point locality whose depth is measured and known.
310 Spot height Altitude of a point on the land surface