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Petermann Island

Petermann Island (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Petermann Island  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory Id 110588

Feature type: Island


This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.

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W side of Penola Strait, Graham Coast, between Hovgaard Island and Argentine Islands, was roughly charted by GAE, 1873-74, and named Petermann(-)Insel after Augustus Heinrich Petermann (1822-78), German geographer and cartographer; Manager of the Justus Perthes establishment, Gotha, and Founder in 1855, and for many years Editor, of its Geographische Mittheilungen, the leading German geographical journal ([Petermann], 1875a, p.312; Fricker, 1898, map p.122). Petermann Island (USHO chart 1132, 1894; BA chart 3570, 5.i.1951; APC, 1955, p.17; DOS 610 sheet W 65 64, 1959). The island was further charted as a new discovery by BeAE, 12 February 1898, and renamed IÎle Lund, probably after a Danish supporter of the expedition (Lecointe, map, 1899; 1900a, map facing p.132). Lund Island (Cook, 1900, map p.xx). Lund (Arçtowski, 1901b, map facing p.464). Lund Insel (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904b, Vol.2, first end map). Lunds Ön (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904a, Del.1, end map). The island was recharted by FAE, 1903-05, in February 1904 and identified as GAE's Petermann Insel and BeAE's IÎle Lund (Charcot, 1906a, map facing p.316; 1906b, p.18). Isla Lund (Riso Patron S., 1908, end map). The island was further charted by FAE, 1908-10, in March 1909. IÎle Petermann (Charcot, 1910, map facing p.152). Isla Petermann (Gourdon, [1910], p.132; Pierrou, 1970, p.587; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.225). IÎle Petermann-Lund (Matha and Rey, 1911, p.33). Petermann-Lund Island (Charcot, 1911a, p.249). IÎle Petermann (IÎle Lund) (Charcot, 1912, Pl.1). Petermann (Lund) Island (BA chart 3175, 9.x.1914). Lund Insel or Petermann Insel (Nordenskjöld, 1917, map facing p.68). Petermand [sic] Is. (St. Johnston, 1920, p.98). Lund Öya or Petermann Öya (HA chart, 1927). IÎle Lund-Petermann (Zimmermann, 1930, p.345). Peterman Islands [sic] (USAAF chart [LR-74], 1942). Petermann Island (Lund Island) (USHO, 1943, p.137). Isla Peterman [sic] (Chile. DNH chart LII, 1947). Peterman [sic] Island (BA chart 3175, 1947). Isla Pettermann [sic] (Díaz Molano and Homet, [1948], p.293). Wyspy Petermanna (Machowski, 1953, p.154). Isla Lund Peterman [sic] (Cordini, 1955, p.52). Isla Penola, apparently referring to this feature in association with Penola Strait (q.v.) (Argentina. MM, 1957b, p.139). The island wasphotographed from the air by FIDASE, 1956-57, and further charted by FIDS-RN in 1958. Lund Eiland, Petermann Eiland (Knapp, 1958, p.579).

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65° 10' 00.0" S
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64° 10' 00.0" W
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