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Vasiliy Golovnin

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Official Ship Name Vasiliy Golovnin
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The "Vasiliy Golovnin" is a Vitus Bering Class Icebreaking ship operated by the Far-Eastern Shipping Company of Vladivostok. She was built in the Ukraine in 1988 and is a sister ship to the "Xue Long" operated by the Chinese Antarctic Programme. She can carry in her holds the equivalent of 305 standard containers and has 5 deck cranes, a stern ramp and an aft helideck and hanger.
Quinton, Brett

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
2004/05 V4   29-Dec-2004 to 7-Feb-2005   Martin Betts   Continental resupply.  
2005/06 V4   5-Jan-2006 to 27-Feb-2006   Micky Loedeman   Continental resupply