Antarctic Taxa

all Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 66° 52' 04.0" S Longitude 109° 28' 32.0" E )

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Any species that are protected are indicated by a *

Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name   Observations
Actinocyclus actinochilus (Ehrenb.) Simonsen, 1982 Observations
Antarctophthirus ogmorhini Lice Observations
Apodochloris irregularis Ling et Seppelt 1998 Observations
Aptenodytes forsteri Gray, 1844 Emperor Penguin Observations
Asteromphalus spp. Observations
Azpeitia tabularis (Grunow) Fryxnell & Sims, 1986 Observations
Balaenoptera acutorostrata Laciphde,1804 Minke Whale * Observations
Botrydiopsis constricta Broady Observations
Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer & Scherb. Observations
Buellia frigida Darb. Observations
Buellia grimmiae Filson Observations
Buellia soredians Filson Observations
Buellia sp. Observations
Candelariella flava (CW Dodge & Baker) Castello & Nimis Observations
Catharacta maccormicki (Saunders,1893) South Polar Skua Observations
Cephaloziella exiliflora Observations
Ceratodon purpureus Dixon, 1914 Observations
Chlorella conglomerata (Atari) Oltm. Observations
Chloromonas rubroleosa Ling et Seppelt 1993 Observations
Corethron criophilum Castracane, 1886 Observations
Coscinodiscus spp. Observations
Cribrostomoides arenacea Observations
Cribrostomoides contortus Observations
Dactyliosolen antarcticus Castrac., 1886 Observations
Daption capense (Linnaeus,1758) Cape Petrel Observations
Distephanus speculum (Ehrenberg) Haeckel Observations
Dorothia pusilla Observations
Eucampia antarctica (Castracane) Mangin Observations
Fragilariopsis angulata Hasle Observations
Fragilariopsis curta (van Heurck) Hust., 1958 Observations
Fragilariopsis cylindrus (Grunow) Willi Krieg., 1954 Observations
Fragilariopsis kerguelensis (O'Meara) Hust., 1952 Observations
Fragilariopsis lineata Observations
Fragilariopsis obliquecostata (van Heurck) Heiden, 1928 Observations
Fragilariopsis ritscheri Hust., 1958 Observations
Fragilariopsis separanda Hust., 1958 Observations
Fulmarus glacialoides (Smith,1840) Southern Fulmar Observations
Glaciopsyllus antarcticus Smit & Dunnet Flea Observations
Grimmia antarctici Cardot Observations
Hyperammina cylindrica Brady, 1884 Observations
Hyperammina sp. A Observations
Lecidea andersonii Observations
Lecidea sp. Observations
Leptonychotes weddellii (Lesson,1826) Weddell Seal * Observations
Lobodon carcinophaga (Hombron and Jacquinot,1842) Crabeater Seal * Observations
Macronectes giganteus Gmelin,1789 Southern Giant Petrel * Observations
Macronectes halli Mathews,1912 Northern Giant Petrel * Observations
Macronectes spp. Giant-petrel sp. Observations
Mastodia mawsoni Dodge Observations
Miliammina arenacea Chapman Observations
Nanorchestes antarcticus Strandtmann. 1963 Mite Observations
Navicula directa (W. Smith) Ralfs Observations
Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (Ehrenberg, 1861) Observations
Oceanites oceanicus (Kuhl,1820) Wilson's Storm Petrel Observations
Odontella sp. Observations
Orcinus orca Linnaeus,1758 Killer Whale * Observations
Pachyptila spp. Prion sp. Observations
Pachyptila turtur (Kuhl,1820) Fairy Prion Observations
Pagodroma nivea (Forster,1777) Snow Petrel Observations
Porosira glacialis (Grunow) J¿rg., 1905 Observations
Porosira pseudodenticulata (Hust.) Jous¿ Observations
Prasiola crispa subsp. antarctica (Kitzing) Knebel 1936 Observations
Procellaria aequinoctialis Linnaeus,1758 White-chinned Petrel * Observations
Pseudephebe miniscula (Nyl. ex Arnold) Brodo & Hawksw. Observations
Pseudonitzschia turgiduloides (Hasle) Hasle, 1993 Observations
Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron and Jacquinot,1841) Adelie Penguin Observations
Reophax difflugiformis Brady, 1879 Observations
Reophax scorpiurus Montfort Observations
Reophax sp. Observations
Rhizoplaca melanophthalma (DC.) Leuckert & Poelt Observations
Rhizosolenia spp. Observations
Saccammina sp. Observations
Saccorhiza ramosa (Brady, 1879) Observations
Spiroplectammina biformis (Parker & Jones, 1865) Observations
Sterna paradisaea Pontoppidan,1763 Arctic Tern * Observations
Stichococcus bacillaris Nõgeli 1849 Observations
Thalassoica antarctica (Gmelin,1789) Antarctic Petrel Observations
Trochammina antarctica Parr Observations
Trochammina conica Observations
Trochammina nana Observations
Umbilicaria cristata Observations
Umbilicaria decussata (Vill.) Zahlbr. Observations
Umbilicaria propagulifera Observations
Usnea antarctica Du Rietz. Observations
Usnea sphacelata R. Br. Observations

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