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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Bryophyta
Class Bryopsida
Order Hypnales
Family Brachytheciaceae
Genus Brachythecium

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Brachythecium albicans (Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp., & W.Guembel
Brachythecium austrinum
Brachythecium austroglareosum (C. Muell.) Par.
Brachythecium austroglareosum var. diffusum (C. Muell.) Par.; Card.
Brachythecium austrorivulare Broth.
Brachythecium austrosalebrosum (C. Muell.) Kindb.
Brachythecium brotheri
Brachythecium cf. austrosalebrosum
Brachythecium cf. rutabulum (Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp., & W.Guembel
Brachythecium cf. velutinum (Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp., & W.Guembel
Brachythecium euryodictyon (C. Muell.) Kindb.
Brachythecium filirepens Dus.
Brachythecium fuegianum Bartr.
Brachythecium glaciale B.S.G.
Brachythecium glareosum
Brachythecium gramontii Card.
Brachythecium grandirete C. Muell.
Brachythecium grandirete var. robustum C. Muell.
Brachythecium longidecurrens Bartr.
Brachythecium longidens Dus.
Brachythecium macrogynum Card.
Brachythecium majusculum Dus.
Brachythecium minusculifolium C. Muell.
Brachythecium mollirameum C. Muell.
Brachythecium morenoi C. Muell.
Brachythecium oedipodium
Brachythecium patagonicum Card. & Broth.
Brachythecium plumosum
Brachythecium populeum
Brachythecium rivulare
Brachythecium rutabulum (Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp., & W. G¿mbel
Brachythecium salebrosum (Hoffm. Ex Weber & Mohr) Bruch, Shimp & G¿mbel
Brachythecium sericeo-virens (C. Muell.) Par.
Brachythecium skottsbergii Card.
Brachythecium skottsbergii f. virides Card.
Brachythecium sp.
Brachythecium spurio-albicans C. Muell.
Brachythecium stereopama
Brachythecium stramineolium C. Muell.
Brachythecium subpilosum
Brachythecium subpilosum f. robusta (Hook. f. & Wils.) A. Jaeger
Brachythecium subplicatum var. minus (Hamp.) Jaeg.; Card. & Broth.
Brachythecium subulicaulis Dus.
Brachythecium sulphureum (Geh. & Hamp.)Par.
Brachythecium tenui-prostratum C. Muell.
Brachythecium trachychaete Dus.
Brachythecium turgens Dus.
Brachythecium velutinum (Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp., & W.Guembel