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Cetacean Sightings Survey and Southern Ocean cetacean program

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Deborah Thiele
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This dataset includes sightings, resightings and incidental sightings from Australian Antarctic Division voyages of whales in the Southern Ocean. These data will allow us to connect fine scale variability with regional and circum-Antarctic processes, and eventually to understand how the dynamics of the Antarctic ecosystem and environmental change might affect the recovery of whale populations.
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Data collection complete
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Resource Code: - whale_survey
Resource Name: - Cetacean Sightings Survey and Southern Ocean cetacean program
Keywords: - Whales, cetaceans, bearing, data logger, date, distance, group size, latitude, longitude, method, near ice, observer, reaction, species, swim direction, time, voyage
Basis of Record: - Observation

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Spatial Coverage
42° 00' 00.0" S to 69° 22' 48.0" S | -42.0000° to -69.3800°
60° 04' 12.0" E to 158° 58' 48.0" E | 60.0700° to 158.9800°
Date Range of Collection
17-Jul-1995 to 13-Nov-2004
Data collected from the following voyage(s)
VoyageObservation countSearch
1995/96 V1 ABSTAIN (details) 15 search
1995/96 V4 BROKE (details) 191 search
1997/98 KK9798 (details) 63 search
1997/98 V1 WANDER (details) 8 search
1997/98 V5 (details) 41 search
1997/98 V6 SNARK (details) 6 search
1997/98 V7 PICCIES (details) 46 search
1998/99 V1 FIRE and ICE (details) 3 search
1998/99 V4.5 (details) 46 search
1998/99 V5.1 (details) 124 search
1999/2000 V1 IDIOTS (details) 7 search
1999/2000 V4 (details) 156 search
1999/2000 V6 (details) 95 search
2000/01 V6 KACTAS (details) 135 search
2001/02 V7 LOSS (details) 63 search
2002/03 V4 KAOS (details) 187 search
2003/04 V7 (details) 5 search
2004/05 V1 (details) 20 search
ASAC_915_2253 - Cetacean Sightings Survey and Southern Ocean cetacean program